GURPS: Fallout – Vault 26

Duck and Cover is for suckers!In the grimdark future where war, war never changes, some people built a Vault in the Ozarks. Other people survived the nuclear war by hiding in the vault. Today, the door to the vault opens. What will the citizens of Vault 26 do in the post-apocalyptic Ozarks? Can they become a powerful faction like Beartown or Neo-Branson or will they fall prey to the raiders or giant ants that plague the region? This is a 2 session game. We never played another session, but that’s no reason to deprive you of it. We used GURPS 4th edition, some online Fallout GURPS material, and the GURPS mass combat rules.

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  1. cool! I think Fallout’s a great choice for a sandbox-style game. compelling setting, lots to work with, scarcity built in, weirdness welcome. I like it.

  2. Does Aaron die?

  3. Man, you don’t want to share space with the Tactics BoS, those guys are pretty big assholes.

    A REIGN post-apoc building game would be kinda neat.

    Also, Ross did you write this while thinking of The Quiet Year?

  4. Great game guys!

    So I’m not the only one who kept getting Quiet Year vibes from this.

  5. Author

    Upon reflection, I guess I was unconsciously influenced by the Quiet Year.

  6. That’s not a bad thing Ross. Also five minutes I gave into an overwhelming to pick up Fallout 3 again.

  7. soooo yeah got fallout package on steam for 19 bucks. all cause of this.

  8. I liked this (of course I like all your stuff so). One of my favorite genres with my favorite RPG system.

    I wish you guys had stayed with it, I would have liked to have heard a whole campaign.

  9. Fighting existential dread in a post apocalyptic wasteland? Check aaaaaand check. Cool game and I am definitely enjoying the experimental/sandboxy nature of some of these games.

  10. I love when you guys run gurps and fallout is just iceing on the cake.

    I’d love to see you run either a hunter style game or deadlands in gurps.

  11. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is
    added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

  12. Aw, I was looking forward to more! Now I’m going to have to join those in needing to play Fallout 3 and NV again…

  13. This was a pretty cool episode! For some reason whenever I think of Fallout the game “Mutant Future” by Goblinoid Games comes to mind, it’d be cool to hear someone play that since their isn’t a single actual play on the internet for it :/

  14. This is the first podcast that I’ve listened to from you guys. Do you plan anymore GURPS Fallout in the future? It seems like this game was discontinued after only a short period of time, but I really enjoyed it and plan to listen to more of your stuff.

    Also, the PCs may have played it safe too much and that may have had something to do with the slow pacing. For instance, when the Ghoul alliance was turned down, I didn’t quite understand why. It had been quite a few sessions into the game to get to the point where you could have an alliance and rather than set one up & see where it leads, it was tossed out. There was so much inflexibility for anyone wanting to do anything to get away from the cubby hole and security blankets of the vault. There should be a lot of death coming their way from being too complacent.

    If you guys play again, I recommend fast-forwarding a few years down the road, have some breakdowns and make it a bit rougher around the edges. Perhaps someone went nuts and started murdering vault dwellers and sabotaging equipment to the point where it would be time to relocate into the wilderness and enable the GECK? Perhaps get to a point where having a Ghoul alliance would have been useful, but now the Ghouls are no longer interested.

  15. Author

    @John – We might return to GURPS Fallout in the future. It would be a reboot, but I like the setting and was sad we didn’t get to use the mass combat rules that much.

    I started the game on a relatively easy difficulty because we aren’t used to playing GURPS and I was introducing a lot of new game mechanics. I wanted to be comfortable with the organizational and mass combat stuff before I cranked up the difficulty.

    I hope you enjoyed the podcast!

  16. I definitely enjoyed it & can’t wait to hear more. I haven’t heard of many folks using GURPS Mass Combat so it was a really interesting to hear that being applied to GURPS Fallout. It helps pull away from the video game a bit & gets your head more into the setting itself since there wasn’t much army/squad-based (or vehicle) combat in the games that I can recall (well a little Tactics but that’s still small scale).

    I’ve completed the first Eclipse Phase one-shot and the first Modern League of Extraordinary Gentlemen…man I laughed my head off at that stuff! It was amazing how you guys could keep a straight face with LEG, for at least some of the time & overall it was very creative & interesting to think about a wet work mission against the Terminator. lol. I’ll definitely be listening to more Eclipse Phase to see how that turns out, it’s a bizarro setting from what I’ve heard so far..

  17. Please reboot this and bring it back i loved it and i am sad to find out it got dropped maybe run it as a red markets adaptation and make it easier on everyone since you all know the system in and out vs gurps

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