Spirit of the Century: Attack of the Murderhobos

I was riding the rails before it was mainstreamIn this special one shot adventure, RJ returns as we try out Spirit of the Century, a pulp themed FATE engine RPG! The players are typical pulp heroes at a swanky New York City party, when dastardly murderhobos attack the shindig! It turns out that the secret homeless fighting societies of the city are fighting over a fabled grimoire of dirty fighting called Ars Pugilism and they seem to think the PCs have it. The heroes will have to get to the bottom of this mystery before the murderhobos tear the city apart!

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  1. Oh No! New York is under attack by Player Characters!

  2. The inspiration for Caleb’s Westward Journey game?


  4. Having listened to this I have to say I was disappointed. I was expecting something more meta, like the enemy being a small group of psychotic killing machines with no social skills, i.e. the average players of any D&D game.

  5. So confused by the RJ returning thing
    He’s always in our hearts
    But this just reminds me of the fact RL can have major negatives and positives

    Anyways onto the game
    -Not Meta enough
    -Not enough drunk Aaron. Not enough Aaron vs Jason
    -Not enough RJ causing a shit ton of problems that you guys whine about but actually he has a point

    -You guys still have not done a full Monsters & Other Childish Things game. A full Road Trip game would be great

  6. this is genius I don’t know what these other motherfuckers are bitching about there are mummies and the Hindenbeggar what more do you people want

  7. We have the right to complain! It’s not like we get this for free…

  8. Imohobo. Hindenbegger. I know I’m forgetting another hobo pun here.
    I loved this one, bloody hobowars!

  9. I think you mean Imhobotep.

  10. I love the hobo cabal, but I think the River Rats need a more hoboriffic name. Also this would make a great campaign.

  11. omg Nyarlathotramp oh no dying

  12. Nyarlathhobotep and or Nyarlathhobotramp

  13. Am about to start listening to this an hope against hope some one says, “I did not choose the murderhobo life. The murderhobo life choose me.”

  14. Hindenbegger was a great one, especially the way RJ said it. You know he was just so satisfied with himself.

    Alternate name: Hoboloon.

  15. Great game!

    RJ: Awww… you miss us!

  16. I really think the blimp should be the “HINDENBEGR” and just be a fortuitous hobo-typo.

  17. Okay I liked the pulp feel of the game, but what I loved most out of everything, is Aaron outside of his niche. He played a kick butt char, nerves of steel and ready for throwdowns. The entire bit with the tasercar and then the subsequent elevator shaft ride was inspired. and all he said during the free fall was ‘Smoking a cigarette as the guy screams’

    Damn that was awesome work there. I’m a big fan of seeing people play outside of their roles. Aaron specifically is someone I like seeing out of that comfort zone, whether in Iron Heroes or here.

    Here’s what I’ve noted in general, and bear with me as some voices I have trouble identifying

    Tom – plays generally relaxed, casual sorts, good at what he does, enjoys being good at what he does, but generally doesn’t get pissed, except when something hits his berserk button

    Aaron – plays techie sorts obviously, always needs someone to bounce off of (usually indignantly), generally suffers in combat or at least is apprehensive about it. Prone to making poor choices (but always lead to entertainment)

    David – likes to play very skilled sorts. Can get frustrated, but sometimes is totally inspired. Enjoys playing intellectuals and using the scenery to his advantage.

    RJ – Pithy and full of contempt. Not a bad guy despite the previous comments, but prone to derail or encourage PVP.

    Caleb – Cunning, has had a bad tendency to metagame (but you guys are getting away from that), pretty much group leader, innovative and able to improvise. a fun player because he’s unpredictable, but hasn’t ruined the game for anyone else. His best quality is providing content for others to work with.

    Thad – Excitable, can play non combat chars without any issues, finds many things novel, thus he works well with Tom, as they are both down to earth players.

    Cody – Mercurial, hates or loves on a whim, only really goes IC to apologize, enjoys shocking people and causing trouble (but not generally vs other players), another content generator as he sometimes makes the wrong move intentionally.

    Jason – I can’t say much about him because I find it hard to pick out his voice and I don’t know all who he’s played that I have listened to, he tends to get lost on the crowd. Sorry, my man.

    and of course Ross – Quick witted, always has a way to work in things. Loves giving options with challenges. Knowledgeable and able to keep up with the demanding group he has. I only have two small complaints about him. He tends to handwave combat to where its more of a chore than exciting (but not always), and tends to have NPCs break character when they panic. Despite what he says, he’s not a horrible monster though πŸ˜›

    okay here’s your needless assessment of mine that is totally in the wrong spot to post.

  18. Interesting game. I’ll have to check out the Base Raiders stuff for more FATE-based gaming. I’m working my way through my backlog of RPPR AP’s while I listen to the new stuff.

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