Iron Heroes: Fortunes of War Episode 10

This is what the stronghold looks like before the PCs arrive.Not quite the same after. B-)Xin’s Crows have landed on the pirate stronghold island, but taking down the pirates won’t be easy. In this double-length episode, the Crows launch a desperate plan to topple the pirates by starting a slave rebellion. The adventurers must split up to achieve their other goal of retrieving certain scrolls from the pirate queen’s mansion. It’s a gamble, but they must take the risk. Find out how they fare!

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  1. Aaron you get a +3 to your sense motive due to it being Jason! Lol!

  2. I was really skeptical when I read the premise of the campaign, but awmagawd it’s been so good. Great characters and really fun adventures. So sad it’s ending soon. D:

  3. I haven’t been listening for long only a couple of months but this was by far one of the most entertaining actaul play that I have listened to. Great job. Kalima

  4. there were so many opportunities for this to go even more insane than it did! disappoint. love the double episodes, but then again, <addict.

  5. Great episode, though I have to say that in both this campaign and many previous ones little of what Aaron does , whether it’s talking or more physical action, makes any sense to me. Talking to pirates as if they were some sort of sophisticated nobles, when you are trying to blend in?
    I just don’t understand…

  6. Ninja, I wonder that sometimes also. It honestly cracks me up, especially when I glance across the table and see the look of incredulity on Caleb’s face. But it’s what makes Aaron such a fun player to game with. You just don’t know what he’ll do next. There’s a reason we call him our plot-generator.

  7. @Jason:

    Thank for the reply. As I’m sure you might understand, I don’t dislike Aaron at all for his style of playing (I adress you since I don’t know if he reads these comments) I just find it puzzling. I can well imagine and share in Calebs amazement.

    “I back away from the creepy puppet-monster”

    “Towards the fire you just started?”


  8. Oh, trust me he’s gotten my looks of bewilderment as well. Sure I make my own hare-brained decisions (i.e. I cut out his tongue. Why? I dunno. Maybe because I’m bored and am rolling for shit!). And yet, Aaron’s decisions never cease to amaze me.

  9. *excellent speech at major point in character arc* *nat 1*

    So stupid. Hate d20.

  10. I was apprehensive about listening to this when I did (some things I have to be in the mood for, and I wasn’t sure…). But I’m so glad I did! Very entertaining.

    But the line that go to me write… “…Zoidberg out of there…”

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