Iron Heroes: Fortunes of War Episode 15

Welcome to the Jungle...we got ritual sacrifices. Fun is heresy as are games.The journey of Xin’s Crows is at an end. The assassin must reclaim his cult from a corrupt leader and the remaining Crows agree to help with the final assault. First, they must find the new temple for the death cult and only then can they begin the fight. Are the Crows ready for their last battle as a group? Can the faithful assassin make the right decisions? What about the ex-gladiator? Find out the final destinies of every Crow in the Fortunes of War!

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  1. it ends! not even poor Lao could catch a break. so sad.

  2. That’s a hell of an ending. I think my favorite ending to a campaign so far. Extra kudos to Ross for making everyone make different choices there.

    Now to complain, what happened to Scribe? Didn’t he write the definitive version of the story?

  3. I was gonna say! you forgot the scribe!

  4. a great ending, I’m wondering why Lucius didn’t get his own epilogue story though. I really enjoyed this campaign. Currently, I’d rate it below New Arcadia, but above New World.

    I’ll add Know Evil when I get finished with it.

  5. David basically decided that Lucius had obtained more than he had ever thought possible. He had risen far beyond the means of a gladiator. Why dole out the vengeance himself and risk losing it all when his good buddy had a league of assassins who could do the job for him? Sure he was in a loveless marriage but Lucius became a merchant with a great deal of political and financial power.

  6. Most player characters COULD accept a comfortable, luxurious life and opt out of personal revenge, they just don’t do it.

  7. I’ll call it: Tom wins “Iron Heroes.”

  8. Great ending to a fantastic campaign.

  9. Glad to see the campaign wrap up in an enjoyable way. I was initially a bit cold on this run but warmed to it over time and quite enjoyed it as it played to an end.

    A few comments –

    Ross seems to know too much about body disposal. I hope none of the RPPR Crew ever truly displease him. On that note has any one actually seen RJ recently?

    I was sort of hoping Aaron would go the Bruce Lee route and die from a challenger but dark whispers continue that he was killed for teaching the ultra secret “death cut” to outsiders.

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