Night’s Black Agents: Tribes of Tokyo episode 11

I choose you...TO DIEThe Ronin have returned to their own time and have decided to take on Sheng. They need critical intel from Sheng’s cult. Of course, the cult’s headquarters are heavily guarded so gaining access will be no easy task. But the Ronin are nothing if not creative problem solvers. An infiltration plan that includes the use of a popular children’s character, sniper rifles, and going undercover as a new cultist will be the last thing Sheng expects.No plan works perfectly though. Can the Ronin escape with the intel before they’re caught?

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  1. given how literal most of the illustrations have been so far, I live in terror of what depths of Pikachu I’m about to experience. Oak’s Black Agents?

  2. Pikachu, you know, for kids!

  3. All the BLAME! references!

  4. hey, I just noticed the kongwu characters on the picture! or however the thieving Japanese would pronounce them. Empty Fiiive~! SIGN BY THE FIVE ZEROES.

  5. Crazy as it sounds, the Barrett is the rifle that has multiple confirmed kills at a mile out, behind a stone wall, (though that was with specialized High Explosive Armor Piercing). It is the ideal weapon for that sort of batshit shot, barring some of the experimental 25 mm grenade airburst grenade weapons. It’s “effective” range nearly 2 km.

  6. With a mind like that how are you permitted around children Caleb? HOW?

    The lunchbox was a stroke of genius.

  7. Little known fact, Caleb works in a elementary school for the children of employees of the NSA and CIA.

  8. Pika PikaaaaaaaAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRGHGasasdfljkasdflkj…

    Great episode, guys. Ross, I think you are calling for too many rolls in this episode. Just my opinion.

  9. lmao! “Everyone sniff your rags…” oh my, this one made me laugh a lot.

  10. For me. the line of this episode was Aaron’s resigned “oh no..” when meeting the cultist hostesses.

    I didn’t catch the “just sign by the five zeroes..” at first while listening. Nice touch.

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