Night’s Black Agents: Tribes of Tokyo episode 9

SAVE THE PANDA SAVE THE WORLDThe Ronin have agreed to help John McAfee on a job. It has nothing to do with their quest to stop the vampire conspiracy, but they are men of their word and they need the money. The job, of course, is not so simple. Triad gangsters have kidnapped a sushi chef and are auctioning him off to the highest bidder. The Ronin must rescue the chef but he is being held on a ship run by covert North Korean agents. Infiltrating a ship in international waters held by paranoid and heavily armed soldiers is one thing, but the Ronin are nothing if not cunning. But when they stumble across a panda being held by the North Koreans, they realize they must save the hapless bear, no matter the cost. Find out how this most epic of side missions unravels! Thanks to Crazon for the art!

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  1. I totally expected the last sentence to be, “This panda later became a Triad Boss.”

  2. David is the best bodyguard.

  3. Recently Dead Guy Podcast

  4. Of course there was a Panda 🙂

  5. Now that I’ve listened to the whole thing, David is the best anchorman as well.

  6. Amazing mission, guys. Can’t wait to see the next one.

  7. So, if that panda is the distant ancestor of the Panda Crime Boss, that means there are vampires in EP? Some kind of TITAN plot, you say? 😛

  8. God help the vampires if they take any grippilii hostage

  9. So what was the captain up to with that South Korean passport? I’m wondering if he was actually trying to defect.

  10. Author

    The captain did want to defect actually, but only if he could fake his death so his family back home wouldn’t be punished for his crimes. I had that shit written down.

  11. The thing with the fake passport: Nice, I was wondering about that myself. Holy shit, no vampires in this one.

    Boy, prolonged combat gets a bit weird in Gumshoe… it sounds like NBA has special rules to refresh stuff like Driving and Shooting? All I’m familiar with so far is Fear Itself.

  12. I almost skipped this one (planning to come back to it later) because I really wanted to see the vampire revelations hinted at by the end of the last episode.

    Fortunately I did not – from Caleb’s triple-dealing plot with the Triads to the panda, this was a great one. I felt a little bad for the captain, since wanting to defect from North Korea is a very understandable motivation.

    Kudos to Ross for fleshing out the NPCs in what could have been a very video-gamey side mission.

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