Eclipse Phase: The Spa

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Synopsis: a group of technicians work at the Spa, a remote lab hidden in the remote Titanian wilderness. Unfortunately for them, one of the samples shipped to the lab has escaped, which happens to be infected with the exsurgent virus. The workers soon learn that isn’t their only problem. Can they survive the horrors within? This one shot is connected to Duality, for reasons that will become apparent in future episodes. Enjoy!

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  1. Ross has now officially entered day-time radio announcer territory with that voice of his. It’s almost like elevator music now. Well done, Ross!

  2. Drew doesn’t have time to bleed.

  3. I think Drew interacted more with the wound rules in thirty seconds of this episode than anyone else has in any EP game you guys have ever broadcast

  4. This really was like RPPR parodic exaggeration edition. Aaron punched the rails right in the face and wandered off with a lunatic for no clear reason, Drew attempted to murder the planet and Ten exploded and Caleb acted in a sane and rational manner for his character. PARODY!

  5. “There’s stacks in them thar hills!”

    I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard while listening to an AP before.

  6. Author

    Darth, you forgot to mention Tom helping monstrous characters out (infected exsurgents are pretty monstrous).

  7. I don’t know. It would only count if Tom actually became a monster (or if one of the monsters had a German accent and a fondness for Tchaikovsky).

  8. *Might only count

  9. Drew firing the seeker missile and then walking up and apparently having a duel with the victim of his seeker missile was brilliant.

    But not as brilliant as Aaron running off into the wild with his new friend in a Hulder morph like Max in Where the Wild Things Are.

  10. Looking forward now to listening to the Duality crew’s adventures in Space Quebec. Will they be fighting the Space Bloc Québécois? 🙂

  11. I hope there’s gonna be Space Poutine!

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