Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 19

station_by_ewknThe Firewall team has been captured and sent to a secret lab and prsion run by the Ultimates. The lab is now run by Loren Kristol, or at least a being that claims to be Loren. As new inmates, the team must find a way to survive and complete the mission. Between vicious prisoners, deadly Ultimate guards, and experimental weapon technology, how can they possibly pull this mission off?

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  1. I love this session. Just classic wild Eclipse Phase action from start to finish. But my top highlight is just the first ten minutes, discussing the most feasible ways for the PCs to kill themselves aboard the shuttle, and then finally deciding that they didn’t have a reliable enough method. That’s what being a Firewall agent is all about right there.

  2. “we were going to serve you dinner, but you are our guests…”

    am I a man dreaming he is a fractal, or a fractal dreaming he’s a man

    I really liked the wine-dark sea line/angle. had forgotten about that whole wine-dark sea/your culture shapes your color perception wholly thing. one of the only segments ever to unnerve me in Night Vale was that one where Cecil indirectly reminds us that there’s an infinite gap between an internal experience of the world and whatever “reality” might be unfiltered. FEEL FOR THE MEMBRANE.

  3. When I demoed EP for some new players, one player quipped that the game was good, “but would never be scary as a player.”

    I improvised a Fractal into the demo and he repented. Fractals = OMG!! 🙁

    Also, the return of the Hedgerow antics was fun. Looking forward to the grand finale where nothing horrible can happen and the characters can retire in happiness.

  4. Good nail-biting episode. The tension ramping up is palpable. As much as I want to give an award to David for his actions, I think Aaron wins this episode. Forget about that kill switch Ross? 😀

  5. I almost forgot. What were your plans for the ‘Watchdog’ of the fetch Ross? I’m assuming that was the Man with the Fractal Face.

  6. The downsides of having everything on tape:

    SAIROC says he’s going to the other side of the station, and tells his followers “defend me on the other side of the station.”

    About a minute later Ross says Aaron sent his followers off to fight without him.

  7. Wow! Things are getting pretty intense as we draw closer to the final battle with Chronos. Hopefully the players will end up crossing over to the alternate universe again, so we can find out the truth behind the Sleeper and Dreamer (The Hunter, I presume is Chronos).

    BTW, is a fractal basically a Titan nano swarm, or is it its own separate thing?

  8. Fractals are separate from swarms, even TITAN nanoswarms are affected by EMP, but Fractals are even death-bushes and literally eat bullets that you shoot at them, reuse the raw matter to make bullets, and launch them back when they create, on the spot, a new gun just for you.

    Scarier than swarms!

  9. Edward Malus has got to be the one. BEEEES!

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