Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 10

sentinelThe Jovian Republic chapter of Duality begins! A group of sentinels has been sent into Republic to find and stop a cell of exhuman terrorists. Posing as new immigrants or as hypercorp consultants, the team must make contact with a local cell of Firewall agents, and investigate leads while avoiding both the exhumans and the Jovian police.This all must done with basic morphs and limited weapons and tools due to strict anti-tech laws in the Republic. Of course, they could try to smuggle some tech in, but that poses its own risks. Find out how well the team does when they venture into the Republic!

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  1. Aww yeah, Last Man Standing as episode art!

  2. Hooray, Caleb’s back!

  3. pop history always focuses on the negative aspects of the brief reign of the TITANs, but the TRAINS RAN ON HELIUM3.

    wish the Jovians were a little more sympathetic. I guess their fear isn’t completely unjustified, but like Ayn Rand their conclusion of “and so we must be assholes to everyone at all times” is hard to relate to. I do like how they’re basically North Komerica, though. am I remembering right that they have the biggest/only real militarized “space fleet” in the transhuman universe?

  4. Nah, Titanian Commonwealth and PC’s Direct Action also have formidable fleets.

  5. Oh, great episode. The triumphant return not only of Caleb, but also of Caleb’s fantastic Erasure Squad triad guy. And I think I know who Aaron’s playing……

    This was a really enjoyably-designed adventure, too, with the infiltration (including the classic bloodstream smuggling!), the various lines of investigation, and the infiltration busted by the exhuman attack. But then not busted! No covers were blown! Go team! 🙂

  6. WHO LIKES MRDR? EVERYBODY? GOOD! *Goes into thrashing fit of blood rage*

  7. Not long into the game and we already have “knives are a form of editing”, your darkness is showing again Caleb.

    From what game was that triad guy from again? The one with the Exhuman station?

  8. I did not realize that going to Jovia was going to bring back Night’s Black Agents but I am really glad it did. I love this cloak and hand grenade team.

  9. I was all like OMG and O_O when the ex-humans attacked.

    Also lol at A-A-Ron throwing down his gun and everyone else just asks, “why!?!?:

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