Dungeon World: The Ghost Library

towerWe return to the Colossus Archipelago as Ovid and company quest to retrieve lore from a Ghost Library! The adventurers must brave a treacherous trip up the mountain to a most remote and haunted library guarded by deadly automatons and spirits. Even if they survive those challenges, finding one specific book from the stacks is a daunting task in of itself. A new cast member joins us for this episode. Listen to find out how well he does!

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  1. More Colossus Archipelago! Sounds like “New” David enjoyed himself, any chance he’ll make a return?

  2. Another fun dive into Dungeon World sounds great right now to listen to & quite a fun installment of this game series. Love the time spent in the library as it was unexpected to hear what was inside .

    I’m curious though if the RPPR crew has any plans to do some AP of other Apocalypse World games (Apocalypse World, Tremulus, Monsterhearts, etc.) as they all have fun settings the RPPR crew would be quite entertaining to listen to.

  3. you all have to live with yourselves for the rest of your lives knowing nobody called Ross’ unseen servitors lichenthropes

    so hope it’s revealed at the end that the parasite descent means the PCs have never been remotely humanoid and had alien body plans all along

    I once had a skeletonized mummy address a group of D&D PCs in verse that implied that they could pass it either by composing a reply with an identical lyrical and rhyme structure or kiss it and feed it half their healing surges. the English major in the group got what she was supposed to do almost immediately, but didn’t have time to write a response before the linguistics guy made out with it.

  4. David 2.0 was great as the drunk dwarf.

    DW games are always a fun listen, and I second the idea of having MOAR AW engine game APs (Monster of the Week is REALLY gewd)

  5. Also, any chance of an Ovid audio pack? SLEEEEeeeeeEEEeeeEePpppP!!!!!! would make a great alarm ringtone to frighten the misses.

  6. Yes, I too would like to hear some more Apoc Engine games.

    MotW would be interesting. Pretty much most things RPPR do would be.

    I can’t wait for The Sprawl to come out and I’m intrigued by Broken World which is the Post Apocalypse game based on Dungeon World. Which is amusing for obvious reasons particularly because AW wasn’t mentioned anywhere on his Kickstarter page.

    Tangentially I would very much like to hear RPPR play the Leverage RPG.

  7. A strong contender for RPPR best of. So many fantastic bits: Aaron’s killer observation about the Kindle, Tom’s slow-drip joke about Cynthia, Janet Evanovich, a Chekhov’s gun library card, all of David’s (OG’s) puns (even the ones in the background I had to rewind to hear). And those are just the ones I remember.

    Taking two classic D&D monster names and completely reworking them for the Colossus Archipelago and have no one remark on it was a fantastic meta-joke.

    Dungeons based on acerbic social commentary are the best.

  8. Wish I had been part of this one. The premise is fantastic!

  9. I’d love to see how the RPPR crew would handle Monsterhearts, that’s for sure.

    Tremulus, as a Cthulhu game, seems the most apropos but it’s kind of disappointing, honestly. It copies AW’s design without really understanding how it would need to change it to address a Lovecraftian investigation theme, and there’s some really wonky bits as a result. I do really dig the small amount of “playset” content that’s been released so far. A neat spin on planet design from Jason Morningstar’s game Durance (Fiasco is the credited inspiration, but I think Durance’s approach is much closer mechanically).

  10. Not completely through the actual play but quite enjoyed the boring librarian automaton.

  11. Great ep! I love the Dungeon World sessions. They’re cas but fun and it actually lets players fuck around and roleplay a bit without any consequences.

  12. Tip of the hat from this librarian. Damn filchers. But you know what’s worse than stealing books? Intentionally mis-shelving them. Makes me furious just thinking about it. A friend of mine once said he sometimes did it, to keep people from checking out books he wanted later. I told him that if I caught him doing it in my library, I’d beat him to death with an unabridged dictionary.

  13. This was absolutely hilarious! I think this is my favorite campaign… or not… πŸ˜‰

  14. Ah, David 2.0 and David classic, what a great combo. And drunk Caleb gming is always a lot of fun to listen to.

  15. @Robin

    I really enjoyed gaming with him. There’s something to be said for new people who don’t know you and your quirks. The limericks come to mind; David 2.0 loved his, Aaron immediately critiqued the rhyme scene.

  16. was David 2.0 new to tabletop gaming generally? some people just slot into it so well. I seem to recall the guest on the Great Gatsby game as standing out. even if he wasn’t, he integrated to the group and the gonzo setting super well. 5 points, David 2.0! will we be hearing more from him?

  17. I had a lot of trouble restraining myself when Caleb reminded David that he saw Titanicus die. It was like he was Kenny!

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