Dungeon World: Adventures on Giant Corpse Island

Adventures always begin with inaccurate cartography. dungeon_world_the_world_by_edmcdThe saga of Ovid the wizard (and company) continues! After escaping the depths, the band of heroes travel across deadly wilderness in order to outrun the invading army. Their goal is a nearby city they intend to warn of the impending horde, but even if they manage to get there, can they get inside? What other threats lurk in the alleys of the city? Find out what ventures the heroes undertake in this action packed episode!

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  1. Innacurate cartography — and inaccurate spelling.

    Can’t wait to listen in on this episode. WILL THE PALADIN SURVIVE???

  2. (Still listening)

    In light of the Paladin’s deity and religious choices, we must remember this sacred mantra:
    “Let’s go play some Football, Huh?”

  3. Get the damned name right Ross!

  4. it’s hard to single out a favorite nightmare concept here but I particularly like references to carrion that imply that they’re Lovecraftian horrors from beyond the world we know

  5. I always heard the wizard’s name as Obed in the first recording.


  7. I may have once played a superhero known as Ambiguity. Some inferred that he was ambiguous in every way – many others assumed otherwise.


  8. Deist, rather than Gnostic, I think.

  9. So, there are elvis in the pelvis?

  10. “Ovid loses a point.”
    “Of what?”
    “Ovid gains a point of sad.”

    One of the best pre-game exchanges I’ve heard. ^_^

  11. When I got to the part about ape economy, I could only think, “Let me tell you about NitCoins.”

  12. the future is in cryptidcurrency

  13. Aaron wins this round, hands down. A great game, everyone felt very connected for the most part, I do wonder how vested Tom is in the game, but I think that he got his moments to work with near the end.

    The vine creature was pretty darn deadly, and it was cool to see people level up. I like some of these level up abilities too, innovative.

    However, the church of Huh?! is the best thing, and now Aaron gets blessings and boons for…doing Aaron things.

    On that note, keep it up, Aaron, you’re doing great as a content generator. Though people may question your wisdom at times, that’s a fine part of the game, I heartily approve.

  14. also line of the night that went unnoticed
    Aaron: “Well Rier, speaking of your name, that’s where you’re going to be taking it in this group.”

  15. You guys have to learn to speak Aaron. When Aaron says, “Fuck you, Ross!” what he really means is, “Wow, that comment was really out there! You guys are cool. I like hanging out with you guys.”

    btw, you have successfully basilisk hacked my brain. I went to see Swan Lake last night, and every time the evil sorcerer made gigantic dramatic gestures (quite frequently) I heard Ross’s voice saying, “Wizard! I am a Wizard!”

  16. Everything related to Huh was amazing. Well done gentlemen.

  17. Am I too late to suggest Dungeon World: Remains of the day-ity? I’m guessing that’s a different kind of campaign – in which a lonely and emotionally repressed wizard reflects on whether his life would have been less lonely if he had refrained from vomiting rainbows on the house keeper on a nearly daily basis. This feels more like a LARP.

  18. Nice fix of the title text, Ross — not quite there yet, but closer…

  19. I think I might convert to the faith of Huh…

    Or perhaps I won’t.

  20. Considering the amount of time to figure out the faith of Huh, it was richly thought out & some of the damn funniest part of this AP. Still mixed on playing Dungeon World (will just need to get the rules a read through first) but enjoying the audio of this game on RPPR as the guys did a great job with it.

  21. “Huh” is probably my favorite deity ever created for any fantasy roleplaying game.

  22. “How could the colossus even stand”,

    Simple you’re lilliputian. Giant bugs, giant spiders, giant corpse. Yeah your tiny.

  23. But that would require tiny atoms, and those are really expensive! I’m not made of money!

  24. I may or may not have laughed my ass off in several parts of this episode. Whether I listened to it, or didn’t, as it may be.

    Can’t wait to hear more about.. huh?

    I do love the way you can create stuff back and forth in Dungeon World, if the DM is pretty free form with the story and the player’s input. Like, taking some throw-away thing the players find, and letting them turn it into a storyline.

  25. Weaponized fried chicken…Tolkien would be proud.

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