Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 13

another_zombie_fighting_sketch_by_rhinoting-d5itp1bThe raid on the Exhumans is underway! The team of Firewall agents must infiltrate and take out every exhuman in their way. Somewhere in the depths of their headquarters is a server that has the data they need to save the Jovian Republic, but every exhuman will die to defend it. Can they survive the horrors, traps, and deadly assault? Will their allies hold the line long enough to give them a way out? Can they get out before the police realize what’s going on and lock the sector down? Shit is more real than ever!

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  1. New Eclipse Phase! Woo!

  2. aw, c’mon. the doctor demanded a player’s eyes, and nobody declared “You don’t need eyes where you’re going” with a space deagle pointed at em. disappoint.

  3. Ross will ONE day get players to take hardware industrial/ Use heavy machinery… and then never require it in the game.

    Its the longest of cons

  4. Hey, Ross, how much trouble would it have been to edit out every player utterance of “deadly neurotoxin” and dub in GLaDOS’ to replace it?

    (apologies if the repeated use of the phrase “deadly neurotoxin” was intentional by the PCs and I’m pointing out the obvious reference)

  5. Bad RPPR no cookies for you stop saving the Jovian Junta burn it join the exhumans and destroy the Jovians now well you can!

  6. I love the fact that you’re going to engineer a massive change in the Jovian government, one way or the other. In too many RPG scenarios, the win condition is just preserving the status quo. It’s cool that this campaign is going to change things massively.

  7. since Portal, any use of the six syllables “deadly neurotoxin” has always been intentional. I’m just proud nobody said anything about fucking cake.

  8. I like to think that in the Eclipse Phase setting, the phrase “deadly neurotoxin” is commonly used just like it was in this scenario, and it in fact originated as a reference to Portal, though the origin has been long-forgotten. Kind of like how the phrase “a drop in the bucket” comes from the King James Bible.

  9. Compared to some other EP games, the combat here was easy to follow, even while doing other things while listening. I love that you can know Caleb rolled poorly when the dice roll and there are a few seconds of silence afterwards.

    Also, I would love a picture of the kitten, maybe on top of Calebs character sheet?

  10. Author

    The combat might have been easier to follow because I used a map and minis – I printed parts from this PDF and laid them side by side to make the exhuman lair:

    For the record, I just like saying deadly neurotoxin and yes I knew it was from Portal. I also like saying Mombasa, so when we get to the Kenya chapter of Masks, there will be utterances of Mombasa.


  11. “In too many RPG scenarios, the win condition is just preserving the status quo. It’s cool that this campaign is going to change things massively.”

    New window dressing makes the violence seem quite refreshing, doesn’t it?

  12. Eclipse Phase is one of the few games where I can listen to combat-heavy scenarios because the combat is so dynamic and brutal. While combat may be long at times, there is plenty of advancing action and no grind or bullet-sponging.

    This episode was great; a damn entertaining escort mission. And horrible monstrosities. Gotta love the horrible monstrosities.

  13. Man, I loved the Portal games.

    There was a lot of Moxie burnt up in this episode, wow. And it was pretty much all needed.

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