Slasher Flick: Synthtopia

SynthtopiaSpecial thanks to Review Cultist for the art! Check out his creepypasta review podcast, Al Dente Rigamortis.

The difference between a slasher flick and an action flick seems to be more about who you root for than anything else. Both genres thrive on unstoppable killing machines that murder their prey with near-impunity. In horror films, you root for the final girl to kill the slasher and live. In action films, you hope the hero murders all of the bad guys. But what if you were the bad guys? In the grimdark future of the 1980s, an artificial island called Synthtopia has been built by SomaTek, a giant mega-corporation. SomaTek plans to end the drug war by releasing a new synthetic drug called Soma that offers a safe and legal high 100 times better than any other drug. Naturally, the drug cartels have hired a gang of criminals to take Synthtopia down. But when the gang of 16 villains lands on the island, they will soon learn what it means to cross JACK SHADE, a mullet wearing hero who is more badass than any other man alive. Prepare for thrills, kills, and exciting plot twists in SYNTHTOPIA!

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  1. Holy shit, Thad’s back!

  2. I’d refrained from mentioning I thought Sean sounded a little like Thad until now, but I legit didn’t recognize Sean (doubtless because not playing a murderpriest) for like the first 30 minutes, thinking “did Thad bring his brother to visit or something?”

    is this kind of hack something Slasher Flick encourages, or did you guys invert the setting concept on your own? because it’s glorious. fucking glorious. not a moment is wasted. if you, other commenters, like this and somehow haven’t gotten B-Sides 2 yet, the first Killsplosion playtest has much the same mood (and also has a Thad), and is worth the full price of admission just by itself.

  3. Author

    We came up with the genre switch idea on our own. I also came up with the ‘come up with part of the heist’ part and ‘last player standing is the villain’ bit.

    The idea came from talks Caleb and I have had about action films. He pointed out that one of the Lone Wolf and Cub movie is basically a slasher flick and it went from there.

    Obligatory plug for B-Sides:

  4. I hope there is a sequel game Jack Shade: The Rise of Cyber Krell

  5. Sometimes you don’t know how much you missed a thing until it’s back. Thad’s return took this from a good game to an excellent game. That said, the MVP for me was Michelle for her rendition of the bisexual übermensch, Krell. I think his inclusion granted the whole affair a certain gravitas. Easily a candidate for the best of RPPR, in my opinion.

  6. I laughed ’till my sides split.

    A+ game, team RPPR.

  7. Holy hell, I do sound a bit like Thad. Also, yes, there needs to be a sequel Ross…the sooner the better.

  8. This needs to be a con game.

  9. HOORAY THAD!!! We missed you so much, welcome back! I hope you get to stay for a while.

    Also this is one of the absolute funniest APs you folks have ever done, right up there with Gaga 2.0 and the one with the helicopter crew oh my god… Listening to this at work was an interesting exercise in not spitting water all over my keyboard whenever I tried to take a drink. All of you are a blessing.

  10. Slasher Flick is such a fun game, and it fits PERFECTLY in the context of an 80s action movie.

    Krell was brilliant.

  11. Thad, huzzah!

    And one liners? Can anyone play?
    Krell went out as he lived, a hunk of burning man meat.

  12. Yes, this is a “Best of RPPR” candidate, I think. And Thad was phenomenal. In any other session, Baaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiines! would have been the best thing by far. But in this, I’m not even sure he was in the top 3.

  13. This episode had so much good stuff in it, I almost forgot about BAAAIIIINEEES. 🙁

  14. Agreed – instant “Best of RPPR” candidate.

  15. Glorious, like Krell’s abs.

  16. Baines simply has to look like Mr. Torgue

  17. This was beautiful. I would love to see it on the big screen — or at least on a battered VHS tape scrounged from the dumpster behind a going-out-of-business neighborhood video rental store. I feel like I _have_ seen it already; it must have really been made back in the ’80s.

  18. Ross, can we please, please, please play a sequel? Maybe our characters are resurrected somehow by a Soviet breakaway state using InGen cloning technology (substituting some of Krell’s genes with those of a frog to make him female) and our mission is to try and destroy the world with our Digimon and Tamagotchi, which are incubating the Y2K “bug.” We are being opposed by heroes/heroines from kitschy teen romance movies, who are secretly employed by Mulder and Scully. Put the whole thing in a Tarantino setting…this has possibilities maybe?

  19. No, don’t gender-swap Krell. Everyone else, but not Krell.

    Unless…*twist*…we find out at the end that he’s been faking it all along!

  20. Bravo everyone will subscribe!

  21. I think I’ll have to run Slasher Flick in a similar vein. Everyone’s a supervillain, and Batman’s going to hunt them down.

  22. Interesting, thank you Kiljoy!

  23. I still want a sequel to this. The Krellining calls

  24. The length is actually 2:55:31 , and the length being wrong kinda messes the playback of this in some stuff.

  25. Are you listening to it using the player on this website or are you downloading the podcast and listening to it on your own device?

  26. Downloading it, and listening it to it in foobar, it’ll still play to the very end, though i can only move the “timetable bar” to 2:54:42.

    Though the issue also extends when i’m trying to make a mp4 file with it in movie maker, so i can listen to it on my ps4 pro, or upload it as a private movie to my youtube channel (don’t wanna steal your views/revenue/etc), i can put the right duration into movie maker, but the audio will only extend to the official duration, so the very end gets cut off. Dunno if this issue is prevalent in other uploads.

    Sorry for bothering you Mr. Payton, though I thank you for responding. I hope you and your friends and loved ones have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  27. Author

    I have no idea – I just downloaded it myself and listened to the end with VLC and it ended fine (ends on “we’ll see you guys next time”) at 2:55:31

    It sounds like a corrupt file on your end.

  28. It ends at the right spot at 2:55:31, but the mp3 file’s length being officially 2:54:42 is what causes the issues i spoke of, the mp3 itself has no issues with it.

    ty again for responding Mr. Payton, sorry for the bother.

  29. Author

    The 2:54:31 only exists in the podcast post and has no connection to the mp3 itself. The mp3 was created before this post was and the post did not change the file in any way whatsoever.

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