TMNT & Other Strangeness: Mutants in New York 2

The mutant heroes have uncovered a nefarious plot by an evil scientist that must be stopped. To complicate matters, delusional ‘monster hunters’ are tracking the heroes. In order to deal with these threats, the players must recruit aid from unlikely sources, including the reclusive engineer and the monster Zog! Listen in to find which mutant animal hero makes a guest appearance in this episode.

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  1. Doc Feral AND some of the Terror Bears? Good choice.

    Those puns were a little ‘bear’ bones. I don’t think I could ‘bear’ with too many more of them.

  2. Zog, you left us too soon.

    Doc Feral and Terror Bears, now openning for KC and the Sunshine Band at the Hardroce Resort and Casino! Come for the Terror, stay for the hypno-gul. Hypno-gul commands it!

    The looting of the toystore was hilarous. The system was clearly boned. I think over all I found the what the players were doing was more interesting than the story itself, almost like the plot was a distraction. No offense Ross. Good game though, very entertaining.

  3. Ross,

    don’t you know by now that you never walk away from a hummer?

  4. The 2nd AP of TMNT was absolutely awesome. It was like Raymond Chandler writing an episode of the Muppet Show.

    Looting a Toys’R’Us, well–I’m envious. I never got to do anything as cool as that! I assumed they’d fight it out, but Tom pulled off talking down the Terror Bears. I never would’ve that to do that.

  5. I found this episode highly entertaining. This was great stuff. As others have mentioned looting Toys’R’Us was a high point. Thank you so much for making my world a happier place.

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