Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 11

mercAfter a skirmish with exhuman terrorists in a Jovian factory, the Firewall agents are wounded and on the run. Their enemies are onto them, the Jovian police have launched a crackdown in response to the destruction of the factory, and time is running out. Between treating their wounds and maintaining cover identities, can they even recover and pursue new leads into the exhuman threats? They will also find out that their actions have consequences for innocent civilians caught up in the security crackdown. Helping the innocent can compromise the mission though. Can the team split the Gordian Knot? Find out in the second part of the Jovian chapter!

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  1. Aaron and Tom: doing their best to make the Jovian anti-transhuman ideology as justified as possible.

  2. If there’s a robot being mistreated, no mountain of corpses is too steeep to climb!

  3. Aarantics branches off into the companion discipline of Aarethics!

    10/10 Triad enforcer craziness -Idealism4lyf

  4. Yeah, who knows what kind of capabilities that AGI in his improvised synthmorph could have had. A criminal machine. A murderous automaton. One might even say… a robot assassin?

  5. Aaron is exaurgent infected…think about.

  6. #haveyouvoidedyourbowelsrecently? should totally be a thing.

  7. And I thought the scum swarm was a pretty messed up place. Jovian territory is pretty shitty, in a completely different way!

    AGI Chappie was an awesome addition, Ross.

  8. Tom just enjoyed John Wick evidently πŸ˜€

  9. I was forced to “digitally acquire” John Wick to avoid references sounding like non-sequiters. Well worth it. I look forward to seeing it on the big screen next month (UK screenings were delayed for a long as time).

    By Jove! The Republic makes you realize how much you rely on fabber access doesn’t it. I started watching that period medical The Knick (Also the current arc of Person of Interest).

  10. And it reminded me of that. Sorry for the double post.

  11. So while I am enjoying this AP. I am kinda of confused… what happen to the Gate Crashers, what happen to this being a Gatecrashing campaign?

  12. Author

    Duality was always designed from the start as a campaign that explored both the Gatecrashers and Rimward books. Know Evil focused on Sunward, so I wanted to cover the rest. To date, 5 episodes have been focused on gatecrashing (episodes 1-3, Hedgerow and Outside Context Problem).

  13. Anders is Bartleby, isn’t he?

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