5E Dungeons and Dragons: The Demented Dungeon

korgothA group of adventurers awaken in a stony tunnel with no memory of how they got there and soon realize they are trapped in a dungeon filled with strange puzzles and vicious monsters. They have no choice but to explore the dungeon and try to find a way out. Talking animals, grimlocks, and bottomless pits stand between the group and freedom. Dare they delve the Demented Dungeon? Find out what happens in Anne’s first game as GM in this one shot!

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  1. my whole experience of spectator beholders is of them being talked out of doing their jobs in Baldur’s Gate games, so I liked how this one worked out. I like to be affirmed, is what I’m saying.

    unrelated but related: the guys in the kitchen at one of the restaurants up where I live were warning one another against beholder’ Rays of Enfeebling the other day. I just overheard this, and I really hope it means that play diceless RPGs whenever they come within earshot of one another. like chess in your head, but easy.

  2. That picture is exactly how I imagine most of Bill’s characters…not just in this one. Substitute the monster head for a cat’s and you have his character from the Shears of Fate themed-game we played a few weeks back. It just seems to be Bill’s wheelhouse.

    Also, Ann totally rocks at roleplaying “bureaucratic” NPCs. I kept thinking the Sphinx would fit in perfectly at a Mystical DMV. 🙂

  3. Please have Anne run more games, this was the best.

  4. Oh, Korgoth… Point for Bill.

  5. Good times! It was fun to listen to a classic dungeon crawl. And I’ll bet playing through those time-sensitive puzzles was really fun, though I understand why you didn’t record it.

  6. I feel like you gave Aaron a slightly harder time with the first game he ran.

  7. This game was a nice throwback to the “gamey” fun of DnD. Sometimes nothing beats a night of traps, monsters, and abundant silliness with friends.

    I’m not sure what my favorite moment was: Ross throwing the brain to check for a hidden walkway, or the Cascada dance party.

  8. Aaron deserves all the flak he gets. 🙂

    Without that, we would never had the masterpiece that is “the Haunting”. Best roleplaying I’ve heard from Jason and Cody.

    To the topic at hand, Anne did a great job as a gamemaster.

    She has this semi-amused giggling delivery of descriptions that set player’s teeth on edge because they can’t tell if she is being serious or sarcastic. Ross freaking out when he realized he was face to face with an intellect devourer was great. And David is the show tune sniper.

    Nicely done.

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