Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 17

pew-pewThe Firewall team has cornered their target, Loren Kristol, but they must catch him while Extropia descends into chaos! A powerful hacker is waging war against Nomic, the legal AGI, and the entire habitat is now a battlefield between confused citizens, hacked security bots, and paranoid mercenaries. Meanwhile, Loren Kristol has revealed himself and is on his way to escape with a number of Iktomi/hybrid morphs in his possession. The team must find and stop him before he gets away. Loren has a few tricks up his sleeve though. The exciting conclusion to the Extropia chapter is here!

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  1. In space, no one can hear you scream “You’re an asshole.”

  2. in space, no one can hear your proprietary screensaver without an access code

  3. In space, no one can hear Ross laugh as he takes Caleb’s toys and bend them to his own monstrous designs.

  4. I was bummed that Caleb wasn’t able to pull off that suicide mimicry trick there toward the end. Would have been pretty brilliant.

    I was initially pretty bummed that Augustine had been subverted by Loren, but I’m glad that she’s still vulnerable in some ways and not simply a godlike plot device. It might have been an interesting adventure trying to figure out how to remove Loren’s programming from her and return her to autonomy.

    More generaly, I love all the call-backs to the Know Evil campaign. Are there any members of the team left to bring back? If not, maybe…Akaja Lacuna? 🙂

  5. Tom was standing on a docking spar, attached to the landing floor that Loren Krystal was standing on. Solid objects transmit sound, just like atmosphere does. Loren could have heard Tom if he screamed loud enough.

    Although that assumes Loren wasn’t listening to his iPod during the combat.

    I’m guessing Akaja and Manjappa are the two characters from Know Evil who are sort of guaranteed to not return. Have any player characters not shown up yet? Because I kind of feel like whoever hasn’t shown up yet might have become Loren.

  6. Drew’s ultimate who fell into space hasn’t shown up, as far as I can remember. this outdoor battle would’ve been a good place for a cameo, just have a random airlock open and blast an ultimate morph into the void mid-combat.

  7. Now there’s double the SAIROC in Augustine, it’s clearly a long game where with infinite time for Augustine to become damaged and a steady if not growing SAIROC population it’s just a matter of time before they reach a critical mass.

    So yeah, loved Extropia.

  8. Double the SAIROC for double the fun!

    I would like to see Akaja show up in one form or another.

    I really enjoyed the Space Libertarian Paradise of Extropia. Good stuff. I had to read up on it in the Rimward book. So many plot hooks in the Eclipse Phase books. So many…

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