Trail of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep – London – episode 7

Call_of_Cthulhu_by_Lord_NyarlathotepThe investigators have learned quite a bit about the cultists in London, but the cultists have learned about the investigators as well. Now the team must figure out a way to fight back without being overwhelmed by the sheer number of fanatical assassins and sorcerers pitted against them. Enlisting friends as allies in the investigation entails its own risks and one can only defy luck for so long. Mystical artifacts, cunning plans, and a deadly battle in the streets of London are only a prelude for the battles to come!

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    at least we can be confident that Patrick too received a sterling Jesuit education in explosives handling

  2. He had an impressive run. I must say, he’s been the most distinctive character in the campaign so far. We’ll see how the rest of the team hold up in his absence. And Sean had the line of the night, too: “He died like he lived: drunk off his ass, and throwing flaming bottles.”

    I enjoy the role-playing process of integrating new characters into an existing campaign. I suspect there will be other opportunities for that as this game progresses. 🙂

  3. Éire go Brách, baby. Éire go Brách.

  4. If a character died in a meaningful way & like he/she/it lived, then all is good.

    I’ll have to remember that next time in a Gumshoe system game that if I want a quick refresh I can just kill off characters in the most dramatic way possible.

    Good job all so far on the Masks campaign & hooked to see what’s next now out of London.

  5. Part of me wanted to go all Caleb and rant about meaningless sacrifices and minorities always being turned against each other.

    But then I realized that Kiljoy was a madman, unable to live in a world where the horrors of the Mythos were revealed, choosing to commit suicide by cultist rather than shoot himself. And suddenly, it was the first really Lovecraftian moment of the campaign.

  6. The British drinkers were taking a bit of a battering though in this period thanks to David Lloyd George most pubs closed around 21:00 whilst those in London stayed open another hour. This was also the period of weaker beer and various laws brought in to try and curb drinking, shorter pub opening hours and increasing taxes its seems Britain only just missed having its own prohibition by the thinnest of margins. Though I never heard of any curfews still in effect during this period?

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