Trail of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep – London – episode 5

shipleyAfter fleeing the United States, the investigators have arrived in London! Jackson Elias pursued many leads while he stayed in the UK, so the team has their work cut out for them. Among the leads are the Penhew Foundation, which participated in the Carlyle Expedition and Miles Shipley, an infamous painter with a strange reputation.Interviewing Miles is a far more dangerous task than the investigators realize for reasons they won’t suspect. The forces of the mythos are far more pervasive than the investigators ever realized, but have they learned it too late?

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  1. snake people are weeeird. always seemed a lot more conspiracy theoristy than Mythotic t’me. but maybe the point is just to underscore that there have been otherintelligent terrestrial races than humans?

    what’s Sean’s specialty in history, anyway? he seems to have trivia ready on a vast array of subjects

  2. Only halfway through, but this is a great episode.

    I’m really impressed how you solved the problem of a deathtrap by turning it into a race-against-time point of tension Ross.

    Player: “This is used to clean your teeth!”
    Ross: “Well then demonstrate it for me”
    Fast and fantastic. I was dying of laughter.

    I was grinning all through the interview with the spice merchant. Can’t wait for the party to learn that yes you were being paranoid but not paranoid enough.

  3. I like how the different time-travely parts of the Mythos interact in this story. Yithians vs. Serpent People, with a little Tindalos threat thrown in for good measure — very cool.

    Man, that line, “You use it to clean your teeth.” That one needs to be a t-shirt.

  4. Also, that’s why Trail needs a General Ability for lying to people.

  5. Great, great stuff. I always look forward to social situations with the group because it always goes pear-shaped when they interact with NPC’s.

  6. @Crawlkill: My specialties are Modern Europe, Germany, Sub-Saharan Africa, imperialism, and international diplomacy. So, essentially, an encyclopedic knowledge of “life, the universe, and everything” in the 19th and 20th centuries ;). Generally speaking, most historians have a breadth of knowledge, regardless of their specialization. To paraphrase Sheldon Cooper, “I am [an historian]. I have a working knowledge of [humanity] and everything it [has done].”

  7. Sean, I’d like to get you into one of my Civil War Cthulhu adventures sometime. I suspect you’d enjoy it.

  8. Ethan, I would have loved to, but I was out of town the weekend you hosted one with the RPPR crew. Sadly, I have to travel a lot. (Well that’s not a horrible thing…but it does mean I miss out on some great stuff Ross, Bill and others run.) Maybe some day!

  9. Short message from Sweden: tell my partner once a day how much I love this podcast, so I figured I would tell you also. Such a great adventure!

  10. Man the apartment investigation was so bad. They totally repeated the same mistake not bringing enough gun to dodgy locales, missed all the broad hints in the beginning about the wizard and blacked-over windows, then clubbed sorcerers with improvised weapons to no effect, again.

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