Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 15

extropiaThe investigation into Loren Kristol continues in Extropia. Data recovered from the Titanian Commonwealth investigation pointed to a meeting between Loren and the Ultimates that took place on Extropia. The Firewall team must now find out what the meeting was about and where Loren went. First, they must adjust to culture of Extropia. Between micro-torts and the relentless nature of anarcho-capitalism, can the team successfully pursue their investigation without alerting the Ultimates or Kristol?

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  1. yeah, those chainhacks had Augustine written all over em. really liked the description as it being like driving a truck into the wall of the courthouse every day, super good metaphor for how it’s not a remotely trivial thing.

    for a while there I found it vaguely annoying how often “burn down the apartment building” got repeated, but I realize now that it’s, like, mythically ingrained in some of the RPPR minds, and that’s actually way cool

  2. Hey, thanks a lot for the campaign recap at the beginning of this episode. One of the tricky things about listening to long campaigns, especially in Eclipse Phase, is keeping the plot in mind over the long haul.

  3. Yay, Micro-torts make their first appearance. I need to remember them for my next eclipse phase game.

  4. Davi, I want you to know that someone noticed your line: “They tried to make me go to Meathab, I said no, no, no.” Well done.

  5. I want to thank you, Ross, because the part about creating new AGI’s by ego merging two together just became my first campaign. Inspiration!

  6. I also cracked up at try to make me go to Meathab

  7. Tom: “Hey Ross, could I grow a fake, severed horse’s head?”

    Ross: “Yeah.”

  8. Do you guys have some kind of house rule on rerolling crit failures? When Tom rolled a 99 (and wanted to flip it πŸ™‚ ) Ross says “Or, you can just spend a moxie to reroll it.”

    I thought you could only downgrade a crit fail to a regular fail.

  9. Author

    Yeah, I should have made Tom spend 2 moxie to reroll the crit failure. My bad.

  10. Yeah, drain that Moxie! Wow, I’m really learning those EP rules- partially from listening to EP AP’s, and also I’ve finally finished reading the book. (Hopefully I’ll even get my group to play someday)

    I actually love it when people use their Moxie on non-combat stuff.

  11. Have one of your forks fight to the death for money? You are really misunderstanding the transhuman future.

    Have TWO of your forks fight to the death for money. They’re perfectly matched opponents, every move known to the opponent, they’re already inside each other’s heads. Steve throws a gut punch, and Steve dodges it perfectly, countering with a neat left hook, but Steve was expecting that.

    The fight goes on for round after round, neither fighter giving quarter, neight getting a punch in, until eventually one of them – tiring – stumbles and the other falls on them like a freight train, they know every weakness, every easy target, and they shred themselves to pieces, killing themselves in front of a crowd of adoring spectators.

    But the real fans are there for what comes after, paying extra for front-row seats to the reintegration and subsequent psychotherapy. They love to see the viseral detail of an ego getting PTSD from the trust fall test.

    I know what I’m doing in my next eclipse phase campaign.

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