Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 6

Eclipse_Phase_RimwardThe Firewall team tasked with finding Loren Kristol have farcast to the Titanian Commonwealth in order to pursue a lead they found on Ceres. Orienting themselves to New Quebec results in a bit of culture shock but they have no choice. Kristol formed a conspiracy with the Tongs and a mysterious corporation. Furthermore, a few of the nomadic Hulder seem to be involved. The Commonwealth prides itself on being the most civilized post-Fall nation, but even it has its dark side. Can the team survive its frigid depths?

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  1. Damn, Caleb.

    Is Ross putting magnets in your dice, or what?

  2. I love how Ross’s Norwegians have all walked out of Fargo.

    Tom nearly made me choke on my dinner. Nice job all.

  3. I’m jamming $25 in the tip jar in celebration of entoptics! it finally happened! <333

    the only thing I love more than Caleb coming up with double Hamlets is listening to Caleb completely fail to execute those Hamlets because he bears an ancient curse. it's come to the point it legitimately seems like the only reason his characters don't rule the solar system is because they're the puppets of a luckless god.

  4. Puppets of a Luckless God was the name of my high school thrash-metal band.

  5. Huzzah for Entopics, and now if “Neo-tenics” could be pronounced and not “Neo-technic”

    Fun fact, the term neotenic in biology refers to animals that have child traits in adult hood. Like Pomeranians are like neotenic (or fetal) wolves.

  6. So Caleb…same dice you gave us for the Red Markets playtest, by any chance?

  7. Author

    Given our learning curve, we will probably be able to pronounce neotenics properly shortly before The Fall/Skynet/Mayan Apocalypse 2012

  8. Ross and the RPPR crew used space pronunciation for words like entopics and neotenics so I understand you would be confused.

  9. Maybe the neotenic morphs are NeoTechNic brand? After all, you wouldn’t want to buy a low-tech neotenic.

  10. It is good to know that the Yoopers have survived The Fall.

  11. It is good to know that at least some Yoopers survived The Fall.

  12. Entoptics!

    Man, Ross… Now you’ve lost all your northern WI/MN/MI/ND listeners of Swedish/Norwegian descent(like me).

    David’s accent, somehow, is just fine though. šŸ™‚

  13. I read that as a neologistically spelled “womenmind” and thought it might be some kind of feminist telepathy initiative

    (also RPPR actually managed to convince me it -was- neoteknic and that I’d read it wrong, see what you dooo)

  14. My god, Caleb’s rolls…

    If he robbed a bank he’d get in and out clean, and then get caught because all the wheels flew off of his getaway car.

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