ep-botThe Firewall team has found the secret lab controlled by the Jante corporation, but can they get its secrets without being killed? Private military contractors are trying to contain the exsurgent infection, which is not yet under control. In order to get the data they need, the team must deal with both the heavily armed mercenaries and the deadly exsurgent-infected abominations.  Of course, the last group of survivors at the Spa may have made things harder for the Firewall team…

titanThe Firewall agents have set up a honey pot operation in order to learn more about the connection between the Tongs and Loren Kristol. Even if their high stakes deception works, how long can they operate before they are detected? The Titanian Commonwealth seems peaceful, but dark forces lurk in the shadows. New Quebec may be as dangerous as the frigid wilderness of Titan!

Eclipse_Phase_RimwardThe Firewall team tasked with finding Loren Kristol have farcast to the Titanian Commonwealth in order to pursue a lead they found on Ceres. Orienting themselves to New Quebec results in a bit of culture shock but they have no choice. Kristol formed a conspiracy with the Tongs and a mysterious corporation. Furthermore, a few of the nomadic Hulder seem to be involved. The Commonwealth prides itself on being the most civilized post-Fall nation, but even it has its dark side. Can the team survive its frigid depths?

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Synopsis: a group of technicians work at the Spa, a remote lab hidden in the remote Titanian wilderness. Unfortunately for them, one of the samples shipped to the lab has escaped, which happens to be infected with the exsurgent virus. The workers soon learn that isn’t their only problem. Can they survive the horrors within? This one shot is connected to Duality, for reasons that will become apparent in future episodes. Enjoy!