Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 8

ep-botThe Firewall team has found the secret lab controlled by the Jante corporation, but can they get its secrets without being killed? Private military contractors are trying to contain the exsurgent infection, which is not yet under control. In order to get the data they need, the team must deal with both the heavily armed mercenaries and the deadly exsurgent-infected abominations.  Of course, the last group of survivors at the Spa may have made things harder for the Firewall team…

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  1. spider-man, spider-man~crawls and mewls as best it can~
    touch its minds? watch it, ape~WIL*3, trau-ma, mindrape~
    look out~
    there sprawls the spider-man~

    why didn’t Aaron and Tom just execute the uzumaki guy, anyway? was there something more to that than boyscoutery?

  2. For Aaron I would suspect that but I’m honestly conflicted about the spider creature, I think Caleb had a a good in-character reason to shoot it but I would have been too curious to not see what it would do.

    Nice to the the campaign pick up even more pace and interesting things added.

  3. Author

    Uzumaki guy was Tom’s character from the Spa, if I recall.

  4. Odd question, do you have new recording equipment or are you recording in a new place? The ‘echo quality’ (for want of a better term there) has been different in the last couple of ‘regular’ recordings.

  5. And now I fully understand why Caleb wants to ban Tom from all campaign linked one-shots.

    Great episode and I can’t wait for the stuff in the Jovian Rep. and Uranus!

  6. Neither, the quality is fine, you can still hear people just as clearly, it’s just got a different timbre to it (I thought of a better word!). Just curious on what changed (if anything).

  7. Author

    I switched from Final Cut Pro studio 2 to Adobe Premiere CS 6 to encode the episodes as MP3s. My old macbook died.

  8. Macbook? That explains the absinthe & clove cigarettes…

  9. After listening to this, I wonder is there a perfect team? I’ve listened to RPPR and Ragnerdrok do long campaigns and I’ve run/played in games. So has anyone ever fielded a team of professional subtle cooperative and successful agents?

  10. Oh Aaron. Your choices are always so well intentioned and so ill conceived. You were doing so well in the last game, too!

    Oh Tom. Your choices are always so that’s like a movie reference. Well played.

    Oh Caleb. The dice give you no good choices at all. Stick to dicey plans; at least -they- won’t fail you.

    Oh Ross. When given the option, you always choose to be a monster. Always.

  11. Hahahaha. This might be the most screwed up Eclipse Phase game ever.

  12. I woulda thought Caleb was meant to pursue diceless plans? we’ve observed that his characters are slaves to a luckless god and the only way he can ever succeed at any plan requiring rolls is to use only skills he has at 100 -and- have moxy on hand

    my favorite EP character I’ve heard in an AP was untitled_01, an AGI art project uplifted into sentience sleeved into a novacrab. she didn’t work especially well with her team, either. my favorite character concept of all time would be a PC who was originally an AI in a forklift that an AGI rights fighter uplifted, and I can’t remember for the life of me if that was my idea or if I stole it.

    but at least no RPPR Firewall agent has ever walked into a bar, screamed “for Mars!” and self-destructed.

  13. Awesome session. Definitely hits on the highlights of Eclipse Phase.

  14. That was a great session. I’m still not clear what ended up happening to Aaron’s character from the one-shot, after he left with the Hulder. I wonder if he’ll ever come up again?

  15. Author

    I know what I have planned for Aaron and the Hulder, but I’m not sure when or if I’ll put it back in the main campaign.

  16. So in one game, my buddy and I met a local Firewall asset, we were talking to him and my buddy blurts: “We’re here to investigate a leak.”

    Then I started a riot.

    Best Firewall agents ever?

  17. I would love to see firewall proxy oversight and audit committee reviewing the agents actions on titan…

    Mr clean would not be amused.

  18. now next time I listen to Know Evil Proxy Clean’s simulspace avatar is gonna be Mr Clean in my head. THANKS CORWIN

  19. How was Proxy Clean anything BUT Mr.Clean the remade-sleeved Ultimate?! Like an angry Mr.Clean!

  20. “Broken, Broken, can you stop? Brokennnn noo…” Oh, Aaron, how you make me crack up.

    I’ve struggled to become invested in this campaign, but this episode revived my interest.

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