Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 7

titanThe Firewall agents have set up a honey pot operation in order to learn more about the connection between the Tongs and Loren Kristol. Even if their high stakes deception works, how long can they operate before they are detected? The Titanian Commonwealth seems peaceful, but dark forces lurk in the shadows. New Quebec may be as dangerous as the frigid wilderness of Titan!

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  1. I can’t give you money every time you say entoptics correctly but I would -like- to

    can it be that one of Caleb’s Hamlet reenactments actually didn’t fail on the rolls? all it took was a couple skills between 90 and 100!

  2. Really been “feeling” this campaign a lot more these last few episodes, wasn’t that hype at the start.

    Also, as a Swede, I find all this talk about jante and kronor hilarious. Titan really is social democracy in SPAAACEE.

  3. I can’t believe that, by the end of the apartment break-in, Aaron had actually turned into the voice of reason and caution.

    Also, isn’t Aschwebe (or however it’s spelled) also the name of the husband’s bicycle antiques delivery start-up from Better Angels? If anyone drew out a giant concept map of all the weird connections between RPPR games, would it reveal the true name of Azathoth?

  4. let us never forget that Caleb used a Chinese name that was associated with the Fisher of Men in his Think Before Asking game as the name of a takeout joint or something, which puts any EP game connected to the Know Evil continuity in the Mitchum Clearyverse. and that all things and all people are named Steve. in Eclipse Phase, though, it might just be that -RPPR podcasts survived the Fall and people still listen to them.-

  5. Yeah, and I’m pretty sure the Peach Blossom restaurant is the Chinese restaurant from Sense of the Sleight-of-Hand Man. Of course it could also work that the different universes are media/entertainment in each others universe.

    Also, the king of direct translation anime subs:

  6. I think only terrible people are named Steve but my information could be out of date.

  7. It’s not an rppr Eclipse Phase campaign without an extremely complicated and ballz scheme and the cue’ing of wacky sax.

    Also, Aaron the voice of reason…good god man.

  8. I had a friend once that started his own business in high school that was basically ebay, but operated solely out of southwest St. Louis. Basically, rich STL county folks could sell their crap to each other…exactly like on ebay. The business model was not unlike that store the love interest runs in 40-year-old Virgin. It was, needless to say, a colossal failure.

    The fact that the company’s acronym was Southwest Saint Louis Ebay (SWeSTLEBAY, or SWEBAY, as he eventually called it (or ESWEBAY, when he hilariously expanded into East St. Louis county)) only made the mockery all the sweeter. It was fun to say, sounded vaguely African (he was the whitest man on earth), and so utterly absurd as a marketing name that we just had to keep repeating it.

    When pressed to name an NPC in Eclipse Phase, I always go for non-Western names. But on the fly and without access to a name generator in Know Evil, I went for something that sounded vaguely African because I’d recently seen pictures of Nigerian Death Metal fans and thought they looked awesome. The Swebay in NSLB was an inside joke for Sara; she knows that guy too and found it equally funny as shorthand for business concepts doomed to failure.

    The more you know (star wipe)

  9. Caleb, I always wondered about that. Good to know. 🙂

  10. i would enjoy a blog just talking about funny antidotes of rppr players, Because this plus the Why Caleb Never Plays White Wolf stories have been the hardest laughs Ive gotten out of rppr.

  11. Hell yeah Nigerian Death Metal fans! Those are some rad looking cats. Also, Bohemi(sp?) Eswebay is pretty awesome and I might have to borrow him if I run an EP campaign.

  12. That’s kind of the regular RPPR show, but there have definitely been a few particular stand-outs.

    Which episode do they talk about why Caleb never plays White Wolf?

  13. Future impromptu con-jobs:

    Sextuple-Canterbury Tales (Caleb leads a group of pilgrims through various deathtraps, while simultaneously developing a predecessor to iambic pentameter!)

    Duodecuple-Beowolf (“Famed was this Caleb: far flew the boast of him,
    son of the elder Stokes, in the Springfield lands.”)

    Tredecuple-Bhagavad Gita (while some may escape the wheels of samsara, none may escape Caleb)

  14. single-Storm of Swords–

    oh. roll up some new PCs~

  15. I refuse to do the simu-space performance of The Cyber-Millers Tale.

  16. Aaron, you will obviously be performing the Cyber-Knight’s Tale alongside Jason with Augustine standing in for Emelye. This is a smokescreen vital to Caleb’s Quintuple-Taming-of-the-Shrew, in which he convinces five nano-drugged-up adversaries that they are beta forks of his character. They then murder each other and the survivor marries David.

  17. I’m pretty sure “Sunset of the King” was a hemi-Pale Fire, intentionally or not.

    A lot of dungeon crawls are essentially the Prioress’s Tale (magic says they’re evil, kill ’em all!), although RPPR doesn’t usually do them that way.

    Vo almost went for a straight Othello at the end.

  18. @matt

    Episode 82: Back That Story Up has Caleb’s anecdote about White Wolf and The Fun Factory.

  19. You know it was a good session when Caleb’s Quadruple Macbeth was not the centerpiece. Tom, David, and Aaron’s safe snatching was amazing.

  20. It’s kinda fun listening to these in 2017 — you guys got “en-top-tic” finally, but I wonder how how much longer it will be before you work out that it’s “neo-ten-ic” not “neo-tec-nic”.

    I kid though. I’m just messing with you. Really, in truth, you guys are great role players, and very entertaining to listen to as well.

    Game on, and stuff.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

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