Monsters and Other Childish Things: Five Nights at Freddy’s

fnafFive Nights at Freddy’s is a scary video game about a creepy restaurant with even creepier animatronic robots. In other words, it is a perfect fit for Monsters and Other Childish Things. A group of kids visit Freddy’s and get very special prizes that grant them strange new powers (and a very special friend!). Unfortunately for them, it also teleports them into Freddy’s after the restaurant closes. Can they survive the night? Even if they survive that night, can they survive the other nights? I mean it says FIVE nights, that implies more than one night. Anyway, enjoy this special horrific one shot, just in time for Halloween!

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  1. Author

    I know an Eclipse Phase game is supposed to go up now, but fuck it, Halloween, etc.

  2. Awesome. Love listening to some MaOCT. Should probably pick up the book when I’m not broke.

    From what I’ve seen of Freddy’s, I was pretty meh, but it seems like a great fit for this.

  3. I was looking forward to EP, but this sounds cool too. Plus how can we complain about free content?

  4. I had a premonition this was coming. Not literal, but as soon as I saw let’s play of the game I thought “When’s Ross going to record a scenario based on this? Will there be Carcosa?”
    You win, Ross. I surrender my time for sleep every five nights. I have an AP habit now.

  5. the guys over at Ragnerdrok are releasing a game a day this week fer Halloween and today’s was the first part of a weird achronological game that’s pretty cool, for those needing a fix.

    can’t listen to this tonight, but I’m putting my money on there being a big yellow animatronic in there somewhere.

  6. *a weird achronological Eclipse Phase actual play podcast for those needing their transhuman fix. that made no fucking sense the way I wrote it at all.

  7. Alternate title: Ross Payton’s Best Hits

  8. Still in the first scene of this game, and I can’t stop thinking about all the creepy messages BrainBook would throw to its users.

    “BrainBook would like to access your inner monologue. Turn permission on?”


  9. Had to post for this first time because of this. You have me torn between something I love and something I hate, Ross.

  10. Gods damnit Ross.

  11. that was kinda cool. I never gave Five Nights a shot, not really my brand of horror. nice mix of old and new players (although I guess to you guys the “new” players have been around for ages and ages, huh?).

    I’d love to hear Road Trip run. only ever listened to bits of the old recordings way back when. Monsters is another one of those games I’d really not have thought I’d like (god why must RPGs use child PCs whhyYY) but that battered its way direct and deep into my heart. fucking Yog’Sosoft.

  12. Getting a slight kill la kill vibe off that tanooki suit.

    I approve.

  13. What do ya know… another me! ^^^^ 😀

    Love M&OCT … can’t wait to listen to this… prolly while I make a My Little Pony Painting for an upcoming birthday party!!!

  14. Fun game. Really was a good intro to MAOCT and ORE.

    Using a Phillip K. Dick story as a “scary story” was fucking gold. Loved it.

  15. I nominate Anne for Role Playing MVP in this one. “3 Scary 5 Me” was kind of a one-trick-pony power…but she made it do some awesome things!

  16. Aaaaaand Anne wins the game with that dark future use of 3spooky5me. Great adaptation of 5 Nights Ross.

  17. Love this AP. It was a nifty idea on giving PC base kids and then letting them pick what “Superpower” they got. It has potential to be used as a 1 shot for the character building is really quick.

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