Better Angels: The Spared and the Spoiled episode 3

Money may be the root of all evil but it's also the root of all fun!The Fiendish Four plan and execute their first major heist! Robbing banks is so lame and not as profitable as ransoming landmark buildings, like a certain major brewery located in their home city. Even though the villains claim to be evil, they don’t want to cause too damage. After all, the ransoming is just to raise enough money to save the school. But when you get amateur civilians imbued with demonic superpowers, each egged on by literal inner demons, the situation becomes slightly more…chaotic than planned. Find out how badly their first major act of villainy fares in this must-listen episode!

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  1. We need more episodes with the “Mistakes Were Made” tag. 😀

  2. Well that was something.

    Also what is the origin of the “There is monsters in the school Tom” line?

  3. Man, I haven’t even gotten to the heist part yet, and I’m already loving this. The stuff in the school is just pure gold.

    Especially the debate team. I did debate in high school. So gold.

  4. So the peanut gallery is a great touch, I kept waiting to see how long it would take them to realize the english teacher had a daemon and was getting a heads up on bill in building a cult.
    Then fissile material happened. I did not see that coming.

  5. radioactive material is really bad news even when you don’t have a crazy government: <"'touching storage casks in a depleted nuclear fuel pool will kill you"

    I was gonna say that RPPR was running two gonzo comedy superhero games at once but this one got seriously dark there

  6. This is already my new favorite campaign.

  7. I haven’t finished this episode yet. That being said, it seems to me that any attack that includes radioactive material is probably going to call down the anti-terrorist thunder.

  8. Just to make it clear, if I’m doing my calculations right then uranium hands are greater then 1 criticallity and yeah we’d be talking bad. Really bad. If you turned his whole body forget that, we’d be talking boom.

  9. Drone strikes and irradiated beer aside, the slow play on the horse was great.

  10. Caleb as the Gov’t operative was actually rather intimidating in his no-nonsense approach. He let the players off too easy though at the end. Shooting a drone thousands of feet up and hitting it’s missile release?


    Granted the campaign could’ve EASILY been trashed right there, but still. Reap what you sow!

    Speaking of that, I didn’t get my fix of devil tempting this time, most everything was lobbied for the player himself, and there were no cases for redemption at all.

    Still very entertaining! Good job, guys.

  11. I really like how Ross’ character is subverting the stereotype that Asians are, y’know, *smart*. =P

  12. This campaign is absolutely hilarious. Bill steals just about every scene he’s in – the debate team scenes were especially good. Brilliant.

  13. My eyes bugged out when Ross said the “U” word on the phone with the negotiator. And then again with David’s response to the other guy… Yikes.

  14. relistening to this, I like how Caleb sometimes responds to silly comments with nothing but a gutteral mutter, and yet his intent is clear.

    2:48 for an example of this.

  15. How am I the first person to post “YOU CAN’T HUG YOUR CHILDREN WITH NUCLEAR ARMS!”?

  16. I had serious (hilarious) criticality concerns as soon as I heard this plan forming (especially when he was using the P-word instead of the U-word, since I’m fairly certain the critical mass of that is significantly lower). I wasn’t even thinking far enough to what actually happened, but (especially at the ‘you can transmute a whole person’ stage) you could probably have consulted the twin gods Wolfram Alpha, and Wikipedia based on the amount of material he changed and whatever fudge-factor the GM wants for the irregular geometry to see the rough magnitude of the energy involved to find out if ANYONE should have survived.
    Then again, if we’re at the ‘I want to turn him into something flashy! Uranium glows, right?’ level of cartoon physics, we probably don’t worry about prompt criticality incidents with our parlour tricks.

    …Then again, this made the game very interesting indeed. Also, realistically handling such things as the demonic transformation of an adult human mook (or even, upon the reread of the rules, just his arms)into solid weapons-grade uranium (as the GM extrapolated it) would both be math-heavy and probably end the entire campaign in one swoop.
    On the plus side, the GM would have gotten a very unique collateral damage roll…

    I laughed THE ENTIRE TIME. And made repeated ‘No. Don’t do that! You don’t want to do that!’ gestures as I paced around the room with headphones on. I probably looked like an idiot. Thank you for your predictably awesome craziness.
    Mistakes were, indeed, made. And they were AWESOME mistakes.

  17. Ok, I know I’m late to the party, but HOLY COW the whole person would have ended the campaign in the coolest way any campaign I’m aware of went down. As for the arms…

    U comes in 2 forms (that wikipedia cares about). critical mass of a sphere is 15 or 52 kg, respectively. Given your average american human male is ~80 kg, this reaffirms the indication that the statue is going to blow up. But a human male’s arms are about 5% of the total body mass each. that’s less than 5 kg each, so even if both of his arms were combined into a sphere it wouldn’t be enough to hit criticallity. So the only danger he is to others is the radiation sickness and cancer issues.

    This math is skewed in favor of U-man going boom, considering a SWAT guy probably isn’t obese, and therefore is lighter than 75% of americans (also according to wikipedia)

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