Better Angels: The Spared and the Spoiled episode 10

Better-Angels-Ch-4-1The end draws near! The Fiendish Four have gained a lead on Terror Track, but where will it take them and what will they uncover? The villain is still out there, plotting something dark and deadly. The stakes have never been higher, but the humble anti-heroes must do what they can to save the school and protect the kids!

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  1. So I’m listening to the pre-battle (I assume it’s pre-battle) why do all the players trust that the demon knows something and trust that he will tell them that?

  2. I love how even in the midst of a theological super villain campaign without Aaron we can get in a dig at Aaron for the playtest which was, what, a year before this session was run? Don’t shine on, you opaque diamond.

  3. entopTics. XD that second T is important! it’s not a made-up word, it’s derived from the Greek “ent,” within, and “optics”…y’know, optics. “entoptic phenomena” are floaters in your eye and other little visual weirdnesses. better than entropics, though! I’m sure after another five or six years of writing for Transhuman Studios you’ll be there <3

    man, some of those hallways are just too good. seduction hallway, I can't cope. and Aaron's hallway! yes! I find it a little hard to be invested in the big governor confrontation since we haven't really known anything about it til now, but I'm sure that'll change in the endgame. were there places where they could've gotten wind of the big scheme in the past and they just completely failed to? I guess they have failed to interrogate quite a few demons.

  4. The hallways were a nice touch. 🙂 Some seemed pretty easy, but others pretty much impossible without certain powers(David & Sara’s first hallway).

    Maybe there will be some ties that have been shown, but didn’t seem important, for the Governor showdown? Was this the Penultimate episode, or are there a couple more?

  5. Hrmm, a lot of fun of course, but now i see why its practically impossible to die. You need a 5 width to kill a player/drag them to hell.

  6. and for David, I think the Birdy Bolas are just fine…just spell it as Bird E-Bola.

    I can only hope you made that pun intentional

  7. well…needing a width 5 is hard in theory, but were you catching how many 6+ sets get rolled in demoncombat? this ain’t A Dirty World, these freaks are brimming with widthboosters.

  8. Oh yeah, it can happen, its just not nearly as simple as I had thought. I figured when your Open was gone, that was it. I should really get the rules because as I interpret it, your Open AND Sly together have to have 1 point available, THEN get hit with a five width, to actually kill.

    Ross had the big problem in that his demon was Sly, so when his points went towards Sly, Han-chu could take him to hell, but I’m also unclear on the rules for that as well.

  9. been a blast throughout. kind of working a backlog of APs, most of them RPPR, but this one always jumps to the top of my list whenever it comes up

    loved the climax. kept in the whole tone that dying doesn’t seem to be the issue in BA. it’s the hell you make with those you close to you just by existing, the tempting might you have at your beck and call to abuse, and of course the demon calmly tapping his watch behind you (less calmly with Balgrum or whatshisname the Invincibly Insane)

    also great debut for Susan in this game. really pulling her weight in the entertainment department for a first-timer

    I’m just always glad when Shoggoth Man powers (“Say no to drugs!” “And stay in school!” “And Lucius calls it a night. He knows when he’s beat.”) comes into play. that was a customized Aspect, right?

  10. Nice episode, interesting to see how being dragged to hell actualy works.

    I was a bit disappointed that the players chose to fight the deamon, having the option to back out to learn more was really neat.

  11. @Zero

    Actually, that one was not one I’d aimed for. I just couldn’t think of a way to work a bird name into a set of bolas off the top of my head (though Birdy Bolas= Bird Ebolas in a different way… “I thought you were just trying to immobilize him!” “Looks pretty immobile to me.”)

    In hindsight, those ought to be called Ptarmigan Tanglers, or have been named after some other bird whose name starts with a “B” (to go with bola) “T” (to go with tangler) or “S” (to go with snare.) However, the mascot for Froot Loops is off the list, because on the off-chance someone else used a bird-themed weapon on me, that species was reserved for “Well toucan play at that game!”

    Flattered that you see and hear puns I *don’t* make and think they’re mine,and I am truly humbled that you’ve seen through my wea-puns of choice 😉

  12. “Ptarmigan Ptanglers” is how I would’ve gone. In our practice run of Better Angels before playtesting this campaign, my character had Ghost Form and Flame Wreath, so I went with Phantom Phlame for my villain name.

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