Better Angels: The Spared and the Spoiled episode 6

Superheroes save people and junk. They definitely aren't secretly possessed by demons. Why would you even say that? What are you, a commie superhero hating unamerican jerk?The deeds of the Fiendish Four have gotten a lot of attention, which has led to challengers coming into town. A group of superheroes called the Brands of Justice have rolled into their turf, looking to pick a fight with our devilish protagonists. What is their real agenda? How can the Fiendish Four defeat an experienced group of superhumans? This is on top of the usual challenges of parenting, teaching, and keeping the school running while leading a secret double life.

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  1. I would play the absolute shit out of a Better Angels “Flip This Crackhouse.”

  2. Woooo cant wait to listen you guys rock

  3. omg brand-sponsored professional assassin supervillains this is the best thing

  4. I have to admit I lost it at the debate teams victory cries. Loving this campaign so far.

  5. I really hope later on the side quests become the main part of the game, they are so much fun.

  6. Between the near riot at the debate team & the hilarious moments with the shapeshifter finding fun animals to change into before inflicting unexpected lasers is quite enjoyable. Very curious to hear how this campaign turns out as it quite addictive to listen to this campaign.

  7. This game is hilarious. Decent system, good plot, good players, great concept.

    Man, everyone is either damaged or a bastard in this universe.

  8. And here I thought you DIDN’T like The Boys, Caleb. πŸ˜›

  9. Kowing Caleb I’m sure this is intentional, but it seems like everything Error Margin does for “Redemption” Is really just vanity. I trully doubt he’s gaining any virtue.
    The road to hell paved with vain virtue is a nice touch. Or possibly I’ve just descended to the point where I have started to ascribe deep meaning to RPG APs.

  10. rapidly becoming my go-to campaign for bad decisions, poor planning and secrets and lies.

    Always eager for the next episode of this. While Dungeon World is fun and mostly lighthearted, Spared and Spoiled is just impressive in its overall immersion. I’d love to be that sort of resourceful GM, but alas, in my heart I am a PC.


  11. The plot definitely thickens.

    On a side-note I enjoyed the comparison between the ‘super heroes’ and the Power Team. I had to work at one of their events a few years ago. Nothing like ripping up phone books and breaking bats to help a person find salvation.

  12. I love that Error Margin is so shallow! he’s like a triple-tiered comment on powergaming in general, the system specifically and an in-world snark at how dumb karma is.

  13. Somehow, these sessions just keep getting better. You’re sellin’ me on this book, Caleb.

    And have I mentioned that I was a high school debater? The stuff with the debate team is fantastic.

    Also: “We can’t all be Peter Dinklage, man.”

  14. Am I the only one imagining an evil looking raven hopping along in time to the mission impossible music?

  15. What rules system are they using for this series?


  16. Really entertaining stuff. This is something I feel like I would see as a pop culture teen spoof. It’s like Buffy, but it features the teachers instead of a girl. Horrible, misguided teachers….
    #Loving every second.

  17. … and a Parent Volunteer, toolboks. πŸ˜‰

    Vern, the system they are using is in the title- Better Angels.

  18. So much parent volunteer. So much….
    #I like ross as a player (bartlebee and chand are like npc’s turned pc)

  19. I received the Better Angels rule book today, can’t wait to try it out – all thanks to this entertaining, inspiring and somewhat daunting campaign. Been meaning to comment for a while about how happy I am to hear a female player included, it greatly enhances my listening experience (which was pretty damn good to begin with).

    Love and kisses!

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