Dungeon World: Beneath Venom City

It's a surprise party, but not for you though. It's for your skeleton. They'll just pop it right out of you so they can have the party. Isn't that nice of them?The largely-improvised campaign of Dungeon World continues as a party of bold adventurers descend underneath Venom City! What unearthly horrors will they encounter? Will they complete their quest to protect the city? Find out in this thrilling episode!

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  1. downloading as we speak, good timing, my work day looks much brighter now!

    BTW, who lives in the groinal region of the Colossus Archiapelago, and is there any sophomoric humor for the region?

  2. I sense music in the future. Also I’m pretty sure the giant is face down. Then again an entire city of Elvish Entendremancers would be hilarious.

  3. when I saw this was less than two hours long, I knew we were in for a shitstorm. HOW RIGHT I WAS.

    omg medicinal marijuana for orcs

    Caleb you FIEND making them choose between herbal remedies for the sewer and the production of their glorious symphony truly this is the kind of heartwrenching decision that defines RPGs as a medium

    (also dunno if it constitutes groin but David totally established last game that the elves live on the pelvis in the city of Coccyx, which would make him a proud Coccyxer, a low blow I was disappointed did not make it in)

  4. Blotto Caleb GMing… this really does need a #drunkgaming tag I think.

  5. I nominate that near the Coccyx city lies the mighty ridge of Endow

    The game itself had a much different feel without Titanius or the wizzzard, its good to get a bit more playtime for the others. I know I get names confused sometimes, but it’s David that’s playing the Bard, yes? I enjoy his casual non sequiters, like in the middle of combat he adds “Red queen goes on the black king”

  6. Worth noting that I took Caleb up on his challenge in the forums.

    Your move, sir.

  7. break out the Neutral Milk Hotel. load bearing fungus~all floating in ass~

  8. @Crawlkill
    Sorry, my friend, but some shots are just too easy to take. If the pun is bad enough to make half the table wince, it was timed just right; if they sigh and roll their eyes, too obvious. I strive for QUALITY bad puns and innuendo.

    I am Meliandre the MELODIOUS! The marvelous musical minstrel, the fabulously flamboyant fop, the triumphant traveling troubadour; I am no mere bard.

  9. whatever, PELVF.

  10. HA! PELVF just became the new racial slur against elves in the colossus archipelago. And we all have craw to thank 🙂

  11. This game shows that while you can have deep, focused roleplaying, nothing really beats fart jokes. Very game, much play, wow.

  12. Ah, yes… The mighty, high-reaching towers of Endow, visible all the way from Coccyx, across the Taint Plains.

  13. I seriously considered taking up the challenge because I very badly want to play in one of Caleb’s games and you failed to establish any requirement as far as quality is concerned… but as a public service, I decided against it. You’re welcome.

  14. You sir, are lucky I was forced to pawn my saxophone. Also the lyrics would have been awful, so maybe it is a blessing?

  15. I stand corrected,David!

  16. Amazing as always!

  17. I have a feeling I’ll be listening to this one again.

    Truly, Caleb is the hero of us all.

  18. Load bearing fungus, indeed. What an awesome diplomatic solution, guys!

  19. for all the crotch jokes, incidentally… I did whip up an idea and crude system for a game I hope to run soon, based on an insult in my group that I took more as a dare.
    let’s just say the symbolism of fertility and compensation that is royalty, land, and power is thrown right out the window (the symbolism part, anyway) by the Cocklords of Domepeace. it’s a dangerous man who takes urban dictionary and creates a lore around it

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