Dungeon World: The Colossus Archipelago

The map of the known world. Load bearing fungus not shown. Thanks Review Cultist!Sara and Marc join the “campaign” as the agents of the Kingdom of Skull. General Noxia Thackarry orders our intrepid heroes to recruit the Palm Pirate fleet for a mission to cut Manta’s supply lines, but how much are they will to sacrifice for their corpse-y homeland? Bone cannons, stabtopuss, and halfing gladiatorial fights all await in this high seas episode of The Colossus Archipelago!

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  1. That is an awesome map. I’ve been wanting a map like that since the beginning of this Dungeon World campaign. It makes everything so much clearer.

    For example, I had never before realized that the player characters were all smurfs.

  2. God, imagine if the players had played gnomes or dwarves, I’d have to draw them shorter! XD

  3. The big secret of the campaign is going to be that the ‘giant’ is actually only 6 feet tall and the player characters are just tiny motes of dust on his decaying corpse.

    Also it might all turn out to be a dream.

  4. -He’s his own brother.

    -They’re all clones.

    -It’s just a dream.

    Trying to get all the twists out there.

  5. the first time I tried listening to this I was three-quarters asleep and got the impression that Sara had been elevated to the status of some kind of living tribal god, but one who needed to be sequestered while the male members of the party delivered her orders to some kind of congregation

    undermined pirate queen, close enough

  6. Sadly when a cleric joins the party, not a part of the church of Huh? but conversions are possible & should be fun to see debates on it. Love the map for this episode & wondering if it’s part of one of the many Dungeon World books or something created for this group.

  7. I have to stop posting comments before listening to these games. XD

    Also @darren t.
    That is very flattering, Thanks! Caleb provided the basic map and all it’s locations as well as the challenge to make it better, I just went in and spruced it up to look more fantasy themed and added doodles I had done of the characters from the first session for flavour… it was incredibly fun!

    That said Bjorn and Olive now have doodles themselves!

  8. You’re the force behind the map? Then I have to praise you. It’s quite awesome. And I love the character drawings, too; they just remind me very strongly of the Smurfs.

    The setting is, while extremely whimsical, actually very interesting. Getting a good map helps the visualization.

  9. Whimsical is a good word for it. As much as I loved Titanius, his shtick would’ve gotten old eventually, I can wager Caleb was already at the end of his rope.

    (obligatory) or not.

  10. Love the artwork! I was glad to see there is now a piratically themed episode. I was sad to see the paladin die, or perhaps I was not moved to sadness. The Church of Huh lost a great champion, or not. One can only hope he stays dead and does not become a nemesis for the party, or perhaps we do hope that?

  11. Maybe you just put a cowboy on another paladin and say it is Titanius’ brother. Just a thought.

  12. Damn drunk posting. Let me correct this.

    Maybe you could put a cowboy hat on another Titanius and say it is his twin.

  13. Damn drunk posting. Website won’t let me go back and sober that up, says it is a duplicate.

    Oh we’ll, another failed movie reference.

  14. Now that I’ve finally listened to the whole episode-

    I know it doesn’t help to correct this now (and maybe you guys have realized this since the game), but the creatures were doing WAY too much damage. When multiple creatures attack one person, you roll for the one with the highest damage die, and then add +1 for each additional attacker. Several d10 damage creatures with one piercing will take everyone down fast!

    I think it happened a few times in the first combat with the (palm)pirates as well, and also- if someone does an “action” like Hack & Slash, I don’t think they just get hit by other creatures. They should be able to at least defy danger to avoid being hit.

    I wonder if the party would have done better in the last combat if everyone was not defending 90% of the time, all the time. 🙂

    Good episode, though Titanius should NOT be dead. Or should. Whatever.

  15. Titanius will be missed…or not… would love to see somone play a Barbarian!

  16. HALFLING FIGHT!!! *concertina solo*

    but this. this is just the spirit I like in a fantasy game. touches most of the tropes, with a nice curve ball thrown in there to keep you on your toes and learning new things

  17. Whatever happened to this campaign? Did it just kinda peter out, loss of interest, or what? I really liked the giant skeleton setting and the DW system.

    Maybe this was talked about in an episode I missed.

  18. The first NPC, reminds me of Old Gregg…

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