Savage Worlds: Day After Ragnarok – At Play in the Fields of Freya

MY FOOT JUST FELL ASLEEP AND THAT MAKES ME SO ANGRY AAAAAA!!!The Day After Ragnarok is a new setting for Savage Worlds featuring pulp action, Nazis (who must be punched), super science, and magic! Naturally, we here at RPPR had to give it a test drive. A group of down on their luck mercenaries in Rio de Janeiro are hired to track down a missing man in the depths of the wild jungles of Brazil. Little do they realize what lies in wait for them when they find the target of their search. Can a group of unlikely heroes like a bush pilot, an Wermarcht veteran, and El Matador stop the evil behind the disappearance and perhaps punch a few Nazis?

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  1. Sweet. I’m gonna have to download this and listen to it at work tomorrow. Is this the first time you guys have done Savage Worlds?

  2. I knew this was going to be a good game as soon as I heard El Matador. I was not disappointed. Great session.

  3. what an awesome setting. hilarious as always, boys. (ps was Tom on a flight from Hamburg to Newark Wednesday morning…? there was a dude on my flight who looked just like him but I couldn’t bring myself to hiss TOMCHURCH and see if he responded)

  4. Only an hour or so in and wondering if this is the game Caleb tweeted where he challenged all the NPCs to a duel.

  5. It totally is that game!

  6. Great game. I’ve always thought that the pulps were a genre made for RPGs.

  7. So fun little thing (spoiler);

    The £15 that Aaron gave to the random informant at about two hours in? That would have a modern equivalent of round about $2500, adjusted for income rates. The £200 he gave to The Dragonslayer? That would be about $35,000. I don’t think that that was the intention, but amusing when you consider how much he was throwing around.

  8. I didn’t imagine one could play DAR for laughs, but the recording proves me wrong. The only part where I laughed aloud was the off-topic comments about Detwiller’s “Artifact Zero” Delta Green scenario, to which I once again claim “I told you so.”

  9. For flying boat captains, you want to forget the bear and go straight to Jake Cutter.

  10. It occurs to me…the snake on the cover is Palladium and the man is Caleb.

  11. At 4 Hours in this revelation hit me.
    Days After Ragnarok. Giant Snake. Magic. Talking about the Norse Gods and all that stuff.

    It is literal Ragnarok from Norse Mythology the one in it
    And then I sighed cause that was sad

  12. Si… Mi espanol no es bueno.

  13. Day After Ragnarok has sounded like basically the best RPG setting ever since I heard about it. Hopefully the Fate Core version will hit before too much longer. (Nothing against Savage Worlds but I backed Fate Core so I get that version as part of my rewards, whereas the ones for other systems I’d have to buy.)

  14. Wow, this was ridiculously entertaining! I think Ross actually said it best, “I love how this game is ‘let’s humor the madman and hope he stabs people for us!'”

    That was indeed what made this game awesome. El Matador! The self-made Spanish music that followed him was equally excellent. Caleb, you sir, are beyond brilliant and hilarious.

    The “Norse” accent of the magician was also pretty great. I kept picturing the Swedish Chef tossing spells about.

  15. This was fantastic. I’d love to see more from these characters.

  16. Ve vill haff to see vhere de All Fotter t’inks ve should go next. 😉

    Seriously, it was tremendous fun and I hope we do it again sometime. I went into the game thinking that Bill and I would compete for who could chew the most scenery (as we are both prone to do, but always in fun only to find that Caleb devoured the stage in one bite and tangoed around the audience as only El Matador can.

    In the meantime, I shall endeavor to do a better Norse accent… and find a set of castanets.

    “Börk börk börk BOOM!”

  17. I can tell you didn’t have a firm grasp of the system, since it was three hours in when you explained the idea of raises!

    How about a 15 minute summary of the rules in the beginning when you try a new system?

    Regardless of that, it was a fun adventure and I have decided that I must have this game! 🙂

  18. The thing I love about listening to your Actual Play’s is that you really do sound like “my” group sitting at the table.. safe off-topic sort of banter, same off-the-wall comments…

    “Roll that beautiful bean footage” was the non-sequitur that got me. Sounds like something I would say! 😉

    Thank you for always entertaining! You make my work day bearable

  19. I just finished Episode 27 of Eclipse Phase and just got the DAR book in the mail. Will there be more Day After Ragnarok?

  20. Between this actual play & having fun with other Ken Hite books, got this & excited to hear more of this on the RPPR site as well as eventually playing it myself. One question now exists, after this has been released for the Fate Core system, when RPPR goes back into this will they go with Savage Worlds or Fate for it?

  21. I’ll be excited to hear more DAR, either with the Fate adaptation or with Savage Worlds. I found it harder to usual to follow the rules in this one, but I had no base familiarity with SW, whereas I already know the basics of other systems you’ve played.

    I would be happy to see the future exploits of these characters in particular. I can only speculate about what Aspects they’d have in Fate.

    As for Daniel Silva – – was that a coincidence or intentional easter egg?

  22. ‘We need the rocket to get to the top of the snake!’. Von Braun quote.

    Will there be a chance of another Day After Ragnarok one shot in the future times after Ragnarök?

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