Iron Heroes: Fortunes of War Episode 6

Swamp bandit city: bad infrastructure but low taxes! Move today!Xin’s Crows have uncovered a plot against the Great Empire! They could tell the officers of the army, but some of them are traitors. The ragtag merchants and warriors must investigate the plot before they can act. As the army moves into a swampy region, notorious for bandits, they decide to visit a local bandit enclave. They must not only negotiate for protection against thieves, but they must uncover more information on the plot. What secrets lie in wait for them in the swamp and more importantly, how much profit will they make?

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  1. Whatever, monster

  2. (in the corner with withdrawal sweats)

    I love how Caleb flips out when things don’t go as he plans.

  3. Aaron rolling a Nat 1 and the group losing it is one of the best starts to a session ever.

  4. I enjoy both sides of the CMON ROSS/ehhh no fuck your plans Caleb exchanges!

  5. Come on Ross, first rule of cinematic gaming: There’s always a chandelier!

  6. DAVID! I scared all the rabbits when he nailed the big beefy guy.

  7. Sometimes I really wish I could reach through the internet and shake some sense into Arron…

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