Call of Cthulhu 7E: Reign of Terror – Part 2

It is five years later, during the Reign of Terror. The survivors of the raid on the Comte’s mansion are thrown into a conspiracy, where spies and agents seek out those who would destabilize the new regime. Caught amongst the chaos and dangers of Paris, the way must be found to stop a nightmare that would plunge France and the rest of Europe into darkness.

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  1. “You are Aaron, he who sets things on fire!” So good.

  2. ahahah I named an elf Fentanyl the other day just to see if anyone would notice, drug brands definitely drawing from that Tolkien well

  3. This would have been a cakewalk if they had Phillipe with them!

  4. Aaron was on fire this game! Great job.

  5. Haha, I’m sorry but Calab Egging Aaron to set a fire because “That’s his thing!” Is just the best part of this!

    “Aaron he who sets thtings on fires….”
    God best back & forth ever!

  6. “Vampire lives don’t matter” Tom was cracking me up the entire game.

  7. That was a pretty Epic game. Nice job, everybody! Great roleplaying.

  8. yeah this was a blast, that ending, granted it was more about those two rolls at the end than the plot, but wow. Achievement Unlocked!

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