Red Markets: Fallen Flag – Episode 12

Fallen Flag has raised enough money to chase after Mr. JOLS, Just One Last Score. Before they embark, they must plan their mission. Learn what Two Banners truly stands for and what they are chasing after. See what each team member does in their final hours before leaving. To reconnect with family, friends, or contemplate their own mortality.

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  1. The Penultimate! Love Half’s offer to his wife.

    Some great setup to the final push for Two Banners!

  2. Man, Caleb REALLY commits to his “awful characters who don’t know they’re awful” thing. Half is a truly low human being by the end.

  3. I think most long-time RPPR listeners would probably agree with me, that when Caleb opens his mouth we just generally expect solid role-playing, but I think he’s really outdone himself with Half. As awful as Half is… I think I may get a little choked up if that die roll goes against him. On a side note, maybe it’s just the parent of small children in me, but I thought that scene with Burlaptrix just screamed for a Dr. Seuss reference. “I will go in a box, or with a fox, or in a house or with a mouse…” but again, maybe that’s just the children’s literature infecting my brain. Terrific session guys, can’t wait for the conclusion. Two Banners!

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