Red Markets: Fallen Flag – Episode 11

Fallen Flag looks for work in Big Sky country before heading back to Trabajo. Of course, the enclave does not let wandering takers do whatever they want. The team must find a job that won’t get them killed by the local militia or failing that, find out how to outwit them. If they complete this job, only their last score stands between them and retirement.

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  1. I can’t hold the spoilers in anymore. The Deer Hunter is made of chocolate. Two Banners is the name of a WH40k tournament and the payout is for Golden Demon winning figures. Half-Off is Batman, it’s why you never see them together at the same time. MacReady was right, Oreos were the source of the Blight. Ron Paul 2012!

    Whew. I feel so free now.

  2. Yet another wonderful episode. Half making the best worst decisions, Cutty being creepy, Amu being a heartless bastard, Tom90X™, Refurb bring too good(?) for this world, critical fails, and RRPRationalization™ in full effect. Oh, and a special shoutout to Mankebäb™, everyone’s favorite gay thrash metal band.

    Thank you so much for recording these, it’s great to have something to listen to while I’m cleaning or doing yardwork.

  3. This is my very favorite Red Markets session so far!

  4. Half/Amu play of each other soooo well.

    And Half ringing the bell was the best thing ever!

  5. This is another one of the truly great sessions of this campaign. Look at how the characters’ failures drive the plot forward. It takes a great creative partnership between players and GM to make this happen.

    And this is also a demonstration of how the Red Markets system can run a different type of game. To have a huge tactical combat like this run so smoothly and so cinematically is no mean feat of rules design.

  6. Loved this episode and how ludicrously cinematic it was. I can’t wait for the flashback where the characters plan out Two Banners.

  7. “Don’t worry. I’m a doctor.”
    That’s what you think you say it comes out “YAAARRRG.”

    That was my favorite. It’s up near Half getting Cutty to finish off the assistant conductor.

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