Red Markets: Fallen Flag – Episode 9

Fallen Flag has liberated a cache of vital data from the DHQS during their recent black site raid. Now they have a chance to sell the data to the Moths. However, they must smuggle the computers out of an enclave while another Taker group hunts for them. The government has put a bounty for their heads, although they are not sure who raided the black site. What price is Fallen Flag willing to pay to make the sale?

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  1. Tequir you say?
    Like drinking a player character you say?
    Is it maybe spelled TeKeer?
    Is Kier’s Keer sneaking into RPPR continuity?

  2. Are there rules for hypothermia/environmental conditions, or did Ross make them up? Being drenched with water and being cold is a very real threat!

    Another fun episode.

  3. I think It’s supposed to say “Willing” in the description there.

  4. Author

    I just made up the rules for environmental conditions. I think Caleb may have adapted them for later use in the book. Not sure though.

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