Base Raiders: Gate 9 – Episode 1

Years ago, a group of civilians were caught in a battle between superheroes and villains. These hapless bystanders were temporarily transformed into mindless monsters at gate 9 of an airport. They were turned back into normal humans, but their lives were never the same. Now, the government is poised to remove their civil rights because they are technically registered as non-humans. However, they are given a lead on a potential source for superpowers. If they gain powers, perhaps they can use them to erase any evidence of their past. Learn what happens when the survivors of Gate 9 are given a chance to take fate into their own hands…

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  1. I’ve been looking forward to a Base Raiders campaign for so long.

  2. Well, I was going to be heading to bed. Looks like that will be happening in three hours, four minutes and 35 seconds now. Ehh, who needs sleep anyways.

  3. God I love the American Pharaoh

  4. Oh my god, Oh my god, oh my god!!!!!
    Been waiting for a full on campaign of base raiders forever

  5. I had been hoping for more Base Raiders, excellent!

  6. You know it’s good when you can’t wait for the next episode!

    American Pharaoh is amazing! I’m going to love listening to this unfold.

  7. Love the Unknown Armies reference, someone made about American Pharaoh.

  8. Man I wish Bill had played “I am a Real American” on his super-bard keyboard when Caleb revealed the American Pharaoh.

    In fact, all of the characters should have theme songs!

    Great opening episode Ross & gang. Looking forward to this series.

  9. Pre-superpowers, Caleb’s character reminded me of an even more depressing Jake Lloyd.

  10. Can’t wait for the next episode. Aaron has finally become the taser, Faust gets to be even more of a neck-stabber, Shaun gets vintage powers, and then the American Pharaoh.

    Bit of a nitpick: Cleopatra wore a fake beard, sometimes went by male pronouns, and generally was not the super-feminine type that the RPPR crew seemed to think she was. She was also not particularly seductive (some sources say downright ugly). A magic item connected to her would probably not care about gender or give gender-related powers. Then again, maybe it’s a sword from the first staging of “Anthony and Cleopatra” or something, so it’s more a channel for an archetypical fictional Cleopatra than an actual magic sword that the pharaoh blessed.

  11. Oh my God, American Pharoah is the BEST. I was hoping he’d snap out of his catatonia with uncharacteristic confidence and bark something like “I am the American Pharoah, and you will give me the respect I deserve, peasant.”

  12. Caleb manages to have the most comic book orgin story ever. So congrats? Only way it could be more so if a mugger killed his parents.

  13. Just got to the Ranma 1/2 reference. First time I ran base raiders, I had a power sources that would turn a character into a magical girl. It got grabbed by one of the guys. His dresses were always the fluffyiest! 😀

  14. Echoing everyone by saying that American Pharaoh is such a great hero name.

    Excellent intro. Looking forward to some raiding.

  15. This was an excellent game… sigh… and now I’ve gotta wait a few weeks for the next one.

    Looking forward to the campaign.

  16. yesss that is a good campaign conceit and a good campaign name and a good pharaoh

    I can’t remember, do the Heroes of New Arcadia PCs make an appearance in the Base Raiders core, or does the setting just share a history and some NPCs? I assume it’s not doomed to be Childhood’s Ended

  17. @ The Nit Picker
    It’s easier to just hadcannon that cleopatra actually WAS a seductive smokin’ hot babe pop culture teaches us she was.

    Anyways I don’t have anything to add other than I am also in love with the idea of the American Pharaoh.

  18. So far this campaign reminds me a little of Grant Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol.

  19. Vote Pharaoh 2020! Make America Opulent again!

  20. Amazing all around. Yes, American Pharaoh looks to be a breakout. But great play by everybody. I love me some wild Base Raiders action.

    Can’t wait to see the art for the other heroes, and find out what all their super names are!

  21. @TNP I think in superhero fiction every historical figure is assumed to be the base archetype that’s coalesced around them in the Hollywood era unless explicitly singled out for trope subversion! I was wondering about the actual historical figure as I listened, though.

  22. A rules question just popped up, in the game I think people are talking about the stress boxes taking different numbers of stress. I don’t think the sheets I have do that, is this from the book or is Base Raiders moving away from Strange Fate?

  23. I am somewhat confused on the rules for “Power Tiers” and if the rules have stayed the same or if they’ve been changed based on some mechanical changes I noticed in the AP’s you’ve been running. In the original Base Raiders, every power tier you have above your opponent gives you a 1d6 die that replaces a Fate Die. However in other games each power shift just counts as an additional +2 (Basically equivalent to a free aspect tag). Have the rules for the game changed and if so has the PDF been updated on DTR and other locations to reflect this?

  24. Author

    @Teapot: We are using Dresden Files Stress rules as written here:

    Base Raiders, by default, uses Strange Fate, which work a little differently: “When you take stress, check the box on the appropriate stress track equal to the total stress dealt and all boxes to the left of it. If the box to be checked is already full, the stress “rolls up” to the next clear box. For example, if an attack deals 2 Health stress, check the second and first boxes on your Health stress track. If another attack deals another 2 stress to the same track, check the track’s third box.”

    Early Base Raiders games treated stress like hit points, which made characters far more fragile. Good for one shots, but not for campaigns.

    @John We are also using alternate rules for power tiers as posted on the Base Raiders website:

    I’ve been using these for years now simply because they’re faster than the standard Strange Fate rules. I have not updated the book PDF because that makes it different than the print book and that’s a hassle.

  25. This will probably be answered in the next AP, but do you end up modeling Logos as a power or as a companion? He could be either or even both.

  26. @Ross – So in using more classic FATE stress, did you also reduce the amount of stress boxes you can get in the system?

    Because with the model of strange fate a character could gain a pretty massive number of stress boxes if they are equipped to soak damage (I think it capped out at 12).

    And that would make a character hard to affect at all in that category.

    Or are you refreshing stress less often than normal?

  27. Author

    Stress caps out at 9 – 3 base, 3 from trappings, 3 from equipment/gifts.

    However, Strange Fate has power tiers and also hands out weapon bonuses more freely. It’s easy to build a character with an attack that has weapon 3 and ignores armor. Also, any attack that does at least 1 stress must tick off a box as well.

  28. Right..I was exaggerating I guess because it had been a while since I used it.

    So how are you using those stress bonuses now? Are they three separate sets of 1-2-3, or can get they stress boxes rated as high as 9 that can be checked?

    Mostly id just be curious what mods and conversions you made within the system to balance out with the more FATE Core style conflict mechanics.

  29. Poor Tom? I think or well it is Tom yeah.
    So Caleb broke character briefly and played himself hating on supers and superheroics, course. And then starts planning to escape and he starts going spy and somehow the others are not reasonable.
    God I loved this session and the potential powers selection

  30. This game is a lot of fun to listen to. I actually started listening with episode 12, but now I’m going back to listen from ep 1 because it’s so much fun.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  31. does anyone else realize that american pharaohs complication is basically make america great again.

  32. Best part of this episode…”Lola”

    I met her in a club down in old Soho
    Where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry-cola.

    Bless you Caleb for the entertainment of American Pharoh.

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