Base Raiders: Gate 9 – Episode 8

The Gate 9 team is heading into space! Well, Mars, to be more specific. After figuring out how to operate an Ideal teleporter, the team can now access a hidden base on the red planet. Of course, the Ideal had their own secrets to keep and some of the darkest ones are on Mars. What will the team find and how will they deal with the base’s current inhabitants? Because an abandoned Martian base is never fully abandoned…

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  1. I’m really surprised no one made a DOOM reference once they stumbled upon that imp. Cynical Caleb and Balgrin Ross is always a treat.

  2. Thank you Ross and RPPR crew for a fantastic Base Raiders Campaign! Loving it!

  3. That mansion Ross keeps suggesting, is that the mansion from the Cult of Transcendence?

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