Eclipse Phase: The Manor

A remote hypercorp research facility buried under the surface of Mars holds dark secrets and Firewall wants to know what they are. Before a team of sentinels can enter the base though, a Firewall hacker must open the door for them. The hacker has enlisted the aid of several random egos stored in the facility’s system as a last ditch effort to breach security. The base is already on lockdown and most of its personnel have mysteriously disappeared.

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  1. Yes! Bahasa! More EP from RPPR!

    Erasure Squad and Prophet Hope are great one shots as well for EP fans.

    You have the best EP APs and two amazing campaigns which I still need to finish.

    Thanks RPPR!

  2. Basilisk Hack? (Painting, Tryptch, New Exsurgent Virus Strain?)

    Great AP.

  3. I’m really digging these Tryptch games. And more EP is always welcome.

  4. Hooray for more Eclipse Phase! Ross, hopefully this is part of your master plan to indoctrinate some new players for another campaign.

  5. I’ve enjoyed all of the triptych but this was my favorite one yet. Really fun to hear the Armitage crew take on EP.

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