Red Markets: The Torus

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A powerful tech company’s main campus fell to the undead five years ago. Today, the hordes have scattered enough that taker crews can access the Torus. One such crew will attempt to accomplish multiple jobs at once while on site. Will they make a profit or will their greed doom them? Find out as special guest players Adam Scott Glancy (preorder Delta Green!), Peter Nielsen, (author of Galaxy Inc.) Micah Nielsen (check out Drunken Dwarf Designs for great LARPing gear) and RPPR’s own Faust (check out Thrilling Intent!)

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  1. Adam Scott Glancy as a player? What madness is this.

  2. That got….dark.

  3. MacIntosh!

  4. Glancy’s anecdotes are as always amazing. The kittens were a welcome addition too!

  5. I think that’s my favorite McStuffins yet.

    Also when my players complain about the number of charges I just wave my arms and shout “It’s loaded with DRAMA.”

  6. The Glancy/Faust team-up that nobody expected.

  7. Excellent game. I feel like Aberrants maybe get used a little too often, though? I’m sure a one- or two vector fight could have been just as scary. Glancy was great, Faust was great, everyone was great.

  8. It was fun to hear Mr. Glancy as a player (and playing the sniper at that). I think it says a lot about Caleb that he managed to get Glancy to say: “It is clearly all about the skin of your teeth and doing horrible, horrible things.”

    Also, Geek Squad… how did that turn out to be such a good way to bring out the murderhobo in everybody?

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