Belly of the Beast: Your Stomach is a Graveyard

Belly of the Beast is a fantasy survival horror RPG about living inside a continent-sized beast that swallows up cities and countries. In this one shot, two scavengers take a job for their clan to secure a trade route with a nearby enclave. When they arrive at the neighboring enclave, they discover a half-mad tyrant who abuses and exploits his people. The tyrant demands they help oppress his people in exchange for his aid. Do the scavengers take the job or plot to remove the tyrant from power?

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  1. I thought the way you hurt the Savatage tribe was to make fun of their rock operas.

  2. Heard of Belly of the Beast and really enjoyed this one shot from RPPR.

  3. Great game. I love BotB atmosphere and the ethos engine. I agree with Ross though that the seeing needs “fleshing out” (apologies). There is so much potential for more that pigs and people. Would love to see suppliments for this.

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