Base Raiders: Gate 9 – Episode 9

The Gate 9 crew find themselves in the middle of the civil rights for non-humans struggle. A massive rally is being held in Chicago, near the Brass Door and the team must do what they can to prevent any violence from breaking out. The government wants to stop or discredit the protestors, of course, but countering them without getting out a public fight is easier said than done.

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  1. I wonder if that smart lady Beatrice asked to help Trey with bar planning was supposed to be Iconoclast or some other Pangloss clone.

  2. Caleb channeling Morty when he roleplays Trey makes so much more sense now. The whole business with the cops and Ivan was pure gold.

  3. Trey: “I was covered in mech juice…” Bartender: “You can juice mechs? NEW MENU ITEM!” *crunch*

  4. Rawr, she was mentioned as being Iconoclast, but Iconoclast was generally more interested in genetics and art than numbers, no doubt she is capable of such a simple feat though. I just figured Paragon’d be more likely.

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