A man’s body is found, partially cannibalized, near a homeless camp outside Chicago. The killer carved an occult sigil on the body, earning Delta Green’s attention. Two agents are dispatched to find the killer and neutralize any potential vector.

The Gate 9 crew find themselves in the middle of the civil rights for non-humans struggle. A massive rally is being held in Chicago, near the Brass Door and the team must do what they can to prevent any violence from breaking out. The government wants to stop or discredit the protestors, of course, but countering them without getting out a public fight is easier said than done.

The Gate 9 team is beginning to settle into their new digs at the Brass Door, a former villain headquarters/pub right in the heart of Chicago. However, other factions, like MISCHIEF, want to exploit the naive base raiders for their own gain. The team also needs to sell some loot to a corporation, but a rival team of base raiders wants to stop them for some reason. Will team Gate 9 bother to find out why or just start punching them? Let’s find out!

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Synopsis: After barely surviving their last job, the Brutalists decide to take two jobs at once in order to earn their retirement goals even faster. This job will push the crew to their limits, but they need to cash out before their enemies catch them. One job involves working with a group of strange artists while the other one involves working with the DHQS again. The government’s black ops program may be as evil as they come, but the Brutalists need the work.

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Synopsis: The Brutalists find out the downsides of subcontracting the hard way! Their latest job takes them face to face with a horror they’ve never encountered before. Killing an impossible monster is not their only concern either. The DHQS has an agent placed in an nearby enclave. The leadership of that enclave has designs on Kowloon, regardless of what he wants. Find out how the takers fight back in this nail-biting episode!