Delta Green: The Dreamer Below

A man’s body is found, partially cannibalized, near a homeless camp outside Chicago. The killer carved an occult sigil on the body, earning Delta Green’s attention. Two agents are dispatched to find the killer and neutralize any potential vector.

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  1. Tag for this one: “Mistakes weren’t made.” Good job, team.

    This one had some of the most loathsome NPCs I can remember in a DG game, and their evil was very banal and believable.

    Also I was really hoping *that* part wasn’t based a real story and then it was.

    I have family that lives outside of Chicago in neighborhoods similar to the ones described here, and I feel like Ross got that pretty on-point as well.

  2. I enjoyed this episode. Caleb crapping on the “birdwatcher” was excellent, though adapting to being horrible police officers was generally horrible and on point. Please shit on more rich people in the future.

    Tom is growing, having not attempted to become a ghoul. Also I appreciate that he didn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t attempt to become a ghoul in the future. It’s nice to be surprised in that “will he or won’t he” attempt to become an undead monster.

    Fear of the old is particularly terrifying as well and Ross nailed the horror. Also yeah, as someone who volunteered at an assisted living center, it gets…Bad. I tried to help while I was there and did, but I really wish that our elders were treated better and that we had the time and money to do so.

  3. Fun little scenario. Like the idea a lot.

  4. Good effect on target.

  5. I know exactly the cannibalism story Ross is talking about- Something Awful, right?

  6. First AP I listen to in about two years and it’s a grand slam. I really liked this one. The premise was super dark and kind of surprised me. I love it.

  7. I loved that for Caleb the enemies list included the terrible monsters and, potentially, his co-player character.

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