Delta Green: God’s Teeth – God’s Breath– Episode 5

night-shooting-webDelta Green has pulled together a massive strike team in order to take down the mythos organization in Colorado, all led by Working Group M, but will it be enough? Only the working group knows the true nature of their foe and it may be immoral to send unknowing police officers into battle without giving them proper intelligence. But an unnatural hunger gnaws at the working group, so they must feed and soon.

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  1. that was quite the clusterfuck! and good old Narly, always there to lick your face when you’re down.

  2. Unholy fuck, I keep thinking there’s no way this game can escalate any further and then Caleb pushes things into Defcon 2.

    I’m also really digging the descriptions of the monsters–it would be so easy to just say “yeah it’s a Dark Young” and let the players fill in the blanks themselves, but man Caleb’s narrations (“It stumbles towards you like a walking tower of coral, limbs whipping like a weedeater!”) really go the extra mile and make them feel like they’re actually HIS.

  3. You’ve been on fire with these uploads Ross. RPPR has been really good the past 2 months or so.

  4. I kind of expected the PCs to plan their own private murder party for the CEO rather than bring in the un-hungry as witnesses.

  5. Glorious. Just glorious. Hot damn Caleb’s games are fabulous!!!

    Delta Green sanity mechanisms sound really cool, though I partly think if its the know how and talent the group has. These seems to be lot of stuff. I could not follow the Ross with the kiss. What happened when the 10 changed to 6? And there was multiple rolls?

    Fantastic job again guys!

  6. Well, that went…honestly, a little better than might be expected! The thing I love most about DG and CoC as systems is how strongly failure influences the course of the narrative. This operation was a very difficult logistical challenge. But in the end, it seems as though Masticate once again managed to achieve 100% target destruction. Mark it in the Win column!

  7. Jace911:

    First time I played CoC, I had this memorable exchange with the keeper:

    Keeper: And then a Byakhee bursts through the window!
    Me: What’s a Byakhee?
    Keeper: (blinks) It’s a Byakhee…
    Me: (stares) I don’t know what that means, can’t you describe it?
    Keeper: (rolls eyes) Can somebody help him out?
    Other Player: (sighs, opens the CoC book, flips through it, pushes it under my nose, points at Byakhee monster description) Here!

  8. I love that in Caleb’s DG world, Humans are getting too cynical even for the mythos.

  9. This game really highlights what I love about Delta Green – PCs gun-fondling and prepping like mad only to find out that their guns are nearly worthless because ohshitdarkyoung!

    Completely in love with the campaign. The original characters are so fucked up.

    @Tomi: I believe Ross projected his sanity loss onto his work-buddies. Doing so relieves a bit off the SAN-loss, but also damages the bond.

  10. @Bryan:

    Keeper should’ve gone with the classic Lovecraft tactic of “it was horrific beyond words, language could not contain it!”

  11. Not quite 100% kill rate, unless I missed something. Caleb specifically said that if they kicked off that night, as they did, they wouldn’t get the Tcho-Tchos at the PMC.

  12. That ending… just… that ending…

    Goddammit, Caleb. Excellent work as always. I kinda hate saying it ’cause I say it so often and love Red Markets, but the raid was amazing and the last 20 minutes were bat shit insane. I’m almost reluctant to run DG because I know I can’t be as vicious or murdery as a GM.

  13. @The Lost Carol

    Every time a new episode of God’s Teeth comes out I look at my accumulated folder of Delta Green scenario ideas and sigh heavily.

  14. Jace911:

    The keeper hadn’t read any Lovecraft, neither had anyone else in that gaming group (I was the exception). However, they all had read & memorized the Malleus Monstrorum and played CoC much the same way they played D&D – barking the names of monsters & spells instead of describing things.

  15. I loved the head of the Security Contractors, hilarious. Great episode all around.

  16. Dear god. Kamarov and Dom (Aiden) completely losing their minds and tearing each other apart is amazing. Amaaaazing.

    Another great game Caleb.

    I loved how the execution played out how every plan/heist/op I’ve ever played in went completely south the minute the action started. Great use of mythos spells and the Dark Young. I am so glad everybody… made it out alive as it were.

  17. what really impressed me about this game was the lack of actual mythos entities. If done improperly, it could’ve felt like they were thrown in, but it worked.

  18. @zero
    I’m confused. Bast, Nyarlathotep, the Dark Young and the Tcho-Tchos are all directly taken from the Mythos. Did you maybe mean that Caleb presented them in non-traditional ways (which he certainly did to great effect)? Or…something? I don’t know.

    (PS: if you want lack of existing Mythos entities, be sure and check out the APs of Caleb’s scenarios Bryson Springs and Lover in the Ice.)

  19. I mean that there were no early sanity rending issues for the first half of the game. Not much in the way of Mythos clues, it was actual FBI level investigation for the most part. I confess I didn’t know anything about the Tcho-Tchos before this, but that didn’t raise any red flags to me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I approve of how it was played out.

  20. Maybe not exactly what Caleb was going for, but I think Bast as a semi-pal of Nyarlathotep is actually semi-keeping with Lovecraftian orthodoxy.

    In one of the Dreamlands stories, the Elder Gods decide they’ve had it with the human world and head off into regions unknown. Nyarlathotep ends up cajoling them back to safe guard humanity sort of.
    Sort of the impression I get is that, though they may not be “nice”, the Elder Gods are essentially embodied impulses and forces shaped to protect humanity and the “natural” order in our backwards corner of the universe. Maybe something humans dreamed up that took on a life of its own. Maybe not.

    But if Elder Gods are the Ego and the rest of the Mythos is the Id, then Nyarlathotep is the Super-ego: Balancing the two with a perfection dictated by the mad piping.

  21. As an actual Special Agent for a three letter agency, I spend many hours driving around to help out local agencies and your new DG sessions are always the first thing I check to listen to on my long drives. You guys really do DG and the CoC justice. Ross, you had me cracking up on the first episode when your state investigator was talking trash about the feds.

    While I have yet to be invited out for a night at the opera on any of my cases, you guys are the next best thing. Can’t wait for the next session of God’s Teeth. Keep up the good work Caleb.

  22. The more I listen to this, the more I like Provost as a character, butchering animals on his supposed friend’s desks, his hopelessness, and the fact that he tried to lie about having epilepsy so nonchalantly even when he had no idea what just happened

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