Delta Green: God’s Teeth – God’s Breath– Episode 4

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Synopsis: Working Group M is sent back into action after the bloody events of the previous mission. The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has led to a booming pot industry and a problem for the Group. One new corporation has been flagged for investigation. Their product is unusual and their CEO has tenuous connections to a previous operation, conducted decades ago. When Sredni Vashtar is hungry, no one is safe…

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  1. Yes! The hype is real!

  2. Dam you and your two parters ! Some of us don’t have the nerves to wait that long. 🙂

  3. Ah yes, God’s Teeth, my favorite game. I look forward to everything going horribly wrong.

  4. Yessssssss

    after a thousand years, it returns!

    Props to Sean for playing such a convincingly creepy ex-cartel character, he really went all in with the facial and body language. Absolutely loved the back-and-forth between Scully!Aaron and Ross/David, especially Caleb constantly interrupting with quotes from their psych evals.

    But what I’m REALLY looking forward to are the hordes of angry listeners who were triggered by the trigger warning.

  5. Good session. Great job on Caleb for keeping the tension up through all the could-be boring planning and intel gathering. I’m quite nervous about what they’re going to find when they finally go hot.

    And Sredni Vashtar is getting hungrier…how much longer before the Program starts considering Masticate a liability? They’d better keep getting those results.

  6. *sigh*
    Yay… more lgbt sas… yay… /s

    Yay enforcing this trope

  7. sas? sass? if sas is a thing I don’t know what it is and one way or the other I didn’t notice, except that I think Aaron’s character had a wife

    man Caleb’s NPCs really jump off the page, I feel for the handler. and that poor inspector. ugh. I really, really hate this cult and I don’t even know what they’re up to.

    and I super dig that the infection is starting to get fuckin real. in the same sense we’re lucky iwillneverbeabletospellhisslashhername Amri made it through Sense we’re lucky David and Ross have survived this far, as not-really-character-focused as Delta Green is I think it’s good to have a PC thread.

  8. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the only time NotScully’s sexuality came up at all were the whole two times her offscreen wife was mentioned. And when she brought it up to correct David it was just that: a correction, not ‘sass’.

  9. Just FYI, you don’t pronounce the H in Hmong. (They’re our largest Asian ethnic subgroup, hereabouts, and something like 1 in 6 schoolchildren in St. Paul are Hmong.)

    Brilliant as always, folks. The special release cartel operative character concept kind of makes me want to see a Delta Green scenario where one of the PCs is a Hannibal Lecter-style “friendly” serial killer being used in a similar way.

  10. When Caleb mentions people beating off the dogs, I felt extremely juvenile for snickering until I heard Ross mutter very softly in the background “Phrasing”. Good stuff.

  11. This campaign is a pure joy to me. Thank you all so much for it. I did miss Faust’s character, though, and look forward to hearing from him in part 2. BTW, was Caleb saying “her” when he was doing the dog barking? Cause if so, damn that’s creepy.

    Slow burn set up for next episode’s sudden descent into mayhem and gunfire. Well done all around!

  12. Kind of glad they are mispronouncing Hmong.

    Here in the UK, Mong (shortened from Mongoloid) is an slur ableist slur against people with Down Syndrome.

    Not saying it is good to mispronounce ethnic groups names, just that not knowing that much about the Hmong and the line of work I my day job is in, it probably is a good thing for me that I found out this way around.

    Does that make sense?

  13. That’s probably pronounced a little differently. Hmong is pronounced like “among” but minus the A. Whereas if they’re shortening “mongoloid”, they’re probably pronouncing “mong” like they would when starting that word. (Trying to discuss the nuances of pronouncing things in text sure is tough!)

  14. I didn’t realize Aaron was playing NotScully until Jace911 mentioned it.

  15. @Malkav11 I don’t know how you’d frame a serial killer in a way that wouldn’t get them capped the first opportunity the players got. I don’t know how DG would allow someone that unreliable into the field also the possibility of them being a vector.

    Possibly I’m biased because of reading Warren Ellis’ Scars. Above comments aside (And DG seems to be content to let MASTICATE play Wild Hunt until they burnout so…).

    I does give me some ideas for doing some stuff though. Given the the TV Hannibal uses a lot of imagery that is essentially a hybrid of Black Goat and Black Pharoah.

  16. Maybe they’re a former DG agent that is the only one that knows crucial details about certain past ops and one of them just went live again. Or they could be serving an entity that’s at least sort of aligned with DG’s goals, like Bast or Nodens, and so is situationally useful but is still prone to homicides that they’d prefer didn’t happen. I’ve never read any Delta Green sourcebooks so I have no idea how well these ideas align with canonical tactics, but hey, spitballing.

  17. if Aaron is playing a queer character I think that character being sassy and contrary as being much more his fundamental Aaronness coming through than any kind of stereotype reinforcement, I mean, he IS the one who goes his own way…for better or for worse or always for worse

    I was actually a bit more surprised that Caleb gave Tom the opportunity to join the opposition and he didn’t [yet]

    forgot to say in comment one: basing a DG game on contemporary issues like the unwinding of the war on drugs and the sale of military technology to police forces is fucking, fucking, fucking brilliant. talk about your ‘the only way we can understand them is to become like them.’

  18. @Malkav11 True. Some sort of Enemy Mine situation possibly. Like in Cabalistics Inc.

  19. Did anyone else notice the ongoing Orphanage Subplot in this one? I want to know what the F*** is going on inside the DHS that is placing all these Vector foster kids. Is DG doing this? Is it a shub Niggurath conspiracy! Or is it just terrible soul crushing lack of oversight by DG or individual agents unable to do the deed, then funneling these kids into the System to cover up their mistakes? Is Bast or her opposition involved? How deep or shallow is this rabbit hole?

    Also can’t wait for “The Raid”.

    oh my god… is this going to be like The Raid: Redemption? That would be amazing.

  20. So, any idea on what would spread Sredni Vashtar? My best guess, it being a hyper primal entity appose to language, is when a person experiences something that causes an emotional shuts down of higher brain function. The folder in the first session acted as such a catalyst as each person who saw it had a momentary blackout as there brain shut down trying to process what it saw, while filling in the gaps with a intense will to murder.

    This would mean that Vashtar would spread to those who end up on the “Fight” side of the fight or flight spectrum when encountering a mythos creature as person would be relying on reaction before thought.

    Vashtar is interesting because it has the potential of DG walking the same path as Majestic 12 with the Miggo. If not contained DG would become over reliant on a mythos hunting mythos monster that they could all to easily over feed.

    Props to celeb for coming up with it and hope he posts a DG dossier on Vashtar one dau.

  21. hey predators grow new teeth, I’d say just hanging around with the Teeth’d do the job

  22. Speaking of which: I’m interested in seeing what wounds/scars the new meat are going to get.

  23. Re-listening to the old episodes, I’m really digging the “teeth” metaphor regarding the agents. It fits with Delta Green so well.

    Predators chew and chew and chew. They chip and crack and lose teeth. Delta Green, whether Group or Program, uses agents until they’re broken and then pulls them out of the mouth with pliers. It’s a job that metaphorically and sometimes literally eats people, and even the things that do the eating are worn down by the process.

    I wasn’t oblivious to it when I first listened to the episodes, but finally finishing True Detective and seeing what it did to Rust and Marty has given me a new appreciation for that metaphor.

  24. Not to be sophomoric, but every time I hear Ross say something like “Dem’ dank nugs’ or ‘game recognizes game’ (Brutalists) in his most straight-laced, white-bread tone, I crack up laughing.

    I plan on running new Delta Green for my players and this campaign has been full of great material to crib from.

  25. I have started to relisten to th God’s Teeth episodes and I haven’t laughed so loud in quite some time, when Ross’ character asked for “Dank Nugs”

  26. Another excellent session.

    Love that Bast / Sredni Vashtar is turning up the heat on the surviving Teeth. Also that Kamaroff actually felt (emotionally) vulnerable in this, compared to earlier episodes. Gleefully awaiting Provost’s dive off the deep end.

    Any word on this possibly being released in a more official capacity, Caleb? I know you’re probably hard at work with Red Markets which I can’t wait to throw money at), but boy would I love to throw this at my players.

  27. I can’t believe nobody has commented yet on Transient Smoke making freakishly strong weed that will put anyone to sleep in 1-2 bowls.

    They made the “primo shit” from “The Beloved Dead”. The weed that made three homeless people go lights out.

  28. Like Levi, I think this would be cool to see as a mini-campaign and DG concept.

    I was a little leery when Shaun’s character was introduced as a criminal, under watch and with ankle bracelet. I’m glad he’s not constantly trying to find a way to get rid of the bracelet, kill the other members of the team- and find a way to work *with* the team, against the bad stuff. I’ve seen a lot of games go sideways because the guy with the criminal background decided to work against the team. :\

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