Base Raiders: Gate 9 – Episode 2

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Synopsis: The survivors of the Gate 9 Incident have empowered themselves, but what are they going to do with them? Clearing their names has quickly become the least of their problems. Accessing an Ideal teleporter hidden in the museum, the new team is confronted by dangers they have never even imagined. Even if they can find a way home, will they have a life for themselves?

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  1. Do you think this might get published into a campaign book?

  2. Speaking of publishing, is the Kaiju Graveyard ever going to get a book? I love that idea.

    @Ian, looking at the Base Raiders game structure, most things don’t really work as a pre-written campaign because the players are supposed to be writing their goals and working towards things. And those things become an integrated game but it kind of doesn’t work that way twice because next time someone might grab different artifacts and run after different things.

    Though I do think a big book of origin stories would be a good idea. So far there’s Transit, Gate 9, and The Vault. Maybe put in some guidelines for making the characters or having different feels to the ensuing campaign.

  3. @Ian and @Teapot, I think there’s a way it could work. Dracula Dossier and Armitage Files are both campaign books designed for improv storytelling. Instead of outlining the whole plot, they provide a huge amount of material and potential threads to tie them together. The overall structure of the book would have to be different since GUMSHOE games always have a direction to focus the story with minimal tangents, while Gate 9 is about dropping the players into a sandbox and letting them do whatever they want with the options in front of them.

  4. @trekie140, totally, I’m working on one and the conspiramyd is a great tool to put it together. But by and large Base Raiders seems to be a game more about the choices players make.

  5. @Teapot
    That makes sense, though I like the idea of a book with several origin scenarios like you suggested. Personally I’d like to see more of the Elemental Sabers from Cosplay.

  6. Another excellent episode of Capes and Comedy. Very entertaining gentlemen. I can’t wait for the Arms Race to close the Aaron gap.

  7. Author

    I do have plans for a free post-campaign supplement with the stats of the PCs and their power sources. I also want to at least do a supplement for the Robot Graveyard. Right now, I have several freelance writing assignments I need to focus on, but after that, I will crank out more Base Raiders material.

    This post on the Base Raiders lists some options to run Origin Story games:

  8. @Ian W, I’d love to see more of the Elemental Sabers too. Lemme see where my notes are and I’ll see what’s useful and put it in the forums.

  9. @Teapot

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