Red Markets: Fallen Flag – Episode 10

Fallen Flag travels back west to a new enclave but before they reach it, they must survive the trip. A critically injured witness must be silenced before he alerts anyone. Casualties block the rails. Deals must be struck. More importantly, the team must stay together even though tensions between them have never been higher. Will they avoid killing each other before they arrive at the next leg of their journey?

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  1. this was one of the two most acclaimed games for Fallen Flag, the previous one being when Han was trapped. The team breaking down was exceptional, everyone’s frayed at the edges.

  2. Agreed. The sense of despair was real. I really appreciated Tom’s deadpan, enthusiastic take on MacReady in this session.

  3. Awesome episode. Love those choice & consequence moments in the campaign. This one set in motion by Half’s “Oh, you want to extort us? Fuck you…” moment.

  4. Again, all props to Ross for the improvisational GMing. He never lets up. There’s always just one more thing to grind the poor Takers down. And props to every player for so thoroughly inhabiting their characters’ responses.

    I think if you want to learn how to run Bust Mode, episodes 8-10 are the ones that will teach you how.

  5. Been meaning to ask this:

    In this episode they encounter a motor home. Was it…. from hell?

  6. Ha, ha Faust! L-e-g-e-n-d-a-r-y-!

  7. Author

    @Teapot, I guess we will never know because Fallen Flag never went in. Schrodinger’s Motor Home, if you will.

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