Delta Green: Star Chamber

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Synopsis: Delta Green’s Task Force T.I. screwed up. They were in Myanmar, deep in the undeveloped hinterlands. The operation went south, people died, and something unnatural and monstrous escaped — perhaps with the aid of an agent from the task force. Now they’re the operation for a new team of agents. Working Group Icarus must determine what really happened back in the jungle. A task easier said than done…

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  1. This was awesome and actually not as chaotic as I hade expected from this group. Great job.

  2. This was an amazing piece of GMing Ross, but also such good buy-in from the rest of the crew. Kudos.

  3. that was profoundly confusing. I’ll hafta listen agaaain

  4. I gotta say I am kinda impressed you guys pulled this off. I am not so sure that I could pull it off

  5. A highly complex adventure pulled off by flawless performances by players and GM. You guys really should be proud of this. Everyone brought their A game to a masterclass roleplaying podcast.

    I’d nominate this as one of the best of.

    I would have retired the team leader, though. Loved the “captain America and bucky.” Also best award for performance as a corpse ever.

  6. This was such a good session. I love the way this was set up and how it ended up going. Great job!

  7. When Ross asked if Pete’s body was warm or cold… I was hoping the answer was “it is covered in ice” 🙁

  8. This was something else, the RPPR crew was in top form and the format of this game was fascinating, I think the actual story was a bit weak, though you guys made it better and brought it’s charecters to life.

  9. That’s a real humdinger of a scenario. Not for the novice. Well done by everybody. Though I think it got a little hard to follow when it came to what exactly happened to Pete’s corpse in the temple.

    I’m seeing a fun new dynamic develop between Caleb and Shaun as players. The relationship here reminded me of Half and Cutty from Fallen Flag. It’s good stuff here.

  10. Can someone with better listening skills (and more familiarity with the players) tell me who’s who?

    I only can really zone in on Shawn (sean?Shaun?Sian?) = Zivchenko

  11. Greg wrote an awesome DG scenario, here, and Ross and all the players pulled it off pretty well! I’ll have to pick this one up(for myself) on the current sale at drivethru.

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