Red Markets: Fallen Flag – Episode 7

Fallen Flag is on the road! Well, tracks, technically. Trabajo has sent a train on the first trading mission of the year. It will travel hundreds of miles to distant enclaves, trading food for technology and other supplies. Fallen Flag has signed on to protect the train during the journey but the real Bounty is in finding jobs at each enclave they visit. Their first job seems simple enough: find an engineer with a particular skill set. However, no job is as simple as it seems. To complete it, the crew will face a very hard choice.

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  1. hmmm, is that Ludwig’s model? Looks more like Dronedog than a Dronkey. Maybe its a smaller varient

  2. But it’s so CUTE!

  3. So was Tom holding the folder? The red one.

  4. it IS cute, was just curious if Ludwig was the same make and model. Heh, I’m protective of the dronkey too, don’t worry guys. 😉

  5. Really enjoying Fallen Flag so far. Just started listening despite getting it as part of the KS. Thanks for posting RPPR! Listening to Fallen Flag, Brutalists and The Reformers from TD. Can’t get enough Red Markets, yay Red Markets!

  6. as a backer, I’ve finished FF, and am already itching for a new campaign. Its the setting really, taking an old familiar genre and turning it on its side.

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